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Tiffany, 28, lounged next to Vicki on a beach blanket. Her tan skin shimmered against her leopard-print bikini. She longed for the greener pastures (hills?) on Vicki's side of the fence. "I would like to have larger breasts, because ever since I started going through adolescence, I've felt uncomfortable and awkward about my breasts. A lot of it probably had to do with people around me. I'm very hippy; and I just want to even everything out into an hourglass figure."

I assumed that she therefore had no beef with breast augmentation. "I think it's about how the individual handles it. Some girls get a boob job, and they're all about showing their boobs to everyone and wearing slutty clothes and being promiscuous. I don't like that, but if somebody grows up like I have, being very uncomfortable about it, and gets a boob job and still dresses and acts the same way, it's great."

Ann, 21, who filled out her bikini in a perfectly proportionate manner, said she was satisfied with her figure. She listened serenely as I spoke with her friends, but her voice boomed with brazen proclamations when I turned to her. "Hell, yeah, I'm a feminist. A woman can do anything in the world that she wants. A feminist is independent, smart, beautiful, everything. She just knows what she wants and goes and gets it, understanding that she has to use her brain and personality in getting what she wants, and not her body."

So are you opposed to breast augmentation? "I didn't get boobs until I was 18. I was flat-chested the whole way up. I think if you let your body mature the way it's supposed to and then get a boob job, great. If you can carry it off respectfully, do it. But you don't have to show your tits to every single guy in the world. If you have the mindstate that 'I know I'm doing what I want to do,' and you can pay for it without a sugar daddy paying for it, then it's all right."

I wondered what Ann thought of women that used their bodies, that liked to show it all. "If you've got the body, then that's cool. But don't be rubbing up on my man, because if you rub up on my man, I'm going to [beat up on you]. I'm going to get up in your face and be like, 'Don't you ever come near my boyfriend again.' "

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