Content for Thursday, July 12, 2001

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Not Only the Man Down the Street

This cover story has not yet been posted. However, you can download the digital edition to view any story from this issue.

General Atomics: Color It Blue

Ever since James Neal Blue and his brother Linden Stanley Blue bought La Jolla-based General Atomics back in August of 1986, the high-tech U.S. government contractor -- into everything from nuclear fusion to supercomputers -- ...

High times

Metabolife International, the controversial San Diego-based diet-drug firm founded by Michael Ellis, who pled guilty to federal charges related to making methamphetamine in a Rancho Santa Fe home 15 years ago, is turning into one ...

Pedal your fat-tired steed over 20 miles of pavement and rutted dirt road in and beyond Ramona's Pamo Valley.

Spared from the threat of being inundated by a large reservoir, Pamo Valley awaits a possible destiny of becoming one of the county's premier nature preserves. A large parcel of Cleveland National Forest land surrounds ...

What do you think Erin Brockovich did with her two million dollar check?

Dear Matt: At the end of the movie Erin Brockovich, Erin's boss presents her with a check for "Two Million and No/100s" dollars. She is of course stunned by this genuinely "fat" bonus check. Then ...

Is deodorant with anti-perspirant bad for your body?

Hey, Matt: I just received an e-mail that said deodorant with antiperspirant is bad for you to use. It said that it would clog up the sweat glands and the toxins that are trying to ...

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