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As Far South as I've Ever Been

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I Can't Eat Peanuts!

Erin Bushie had no idea that her one-year-old daughter, Aubrey, had a severe food allergy until the call came from day care. "At the day care, they all had a spoonful of peanut butter at ...

Pretty Woman

On a recent Saturday, I visited the jam-packed sands of Pacific Beach. The constant breeze tempered the sun's rays and made the day ideal. Like bees busying themselves with their honeycomb, these sun-worshippers busied themselves ...

Ballpark lobby

With the future of the downtown baseball stadium seemingly hanging in the balance, employees of the construction company that has a big contract to build it are shoveling thousands of dollars of campaign funds to ...

Seek out the surface trace of the Rose Canyon Fault, San Diego's greatest geologic threat

San Diego County -- indeed all of California -- is an orthopedic basket case. For millions of years, the ground beneath us has been shattered by slow but sure, incremental changes that can be read, ...

How steep does a road have to be to qualify for a ticket for not having your tires turned in towards the curb?

Hey, Matt: A friend of mine got a ticket on Third Avenue, between Juniper and Ivy [downtown], for not having her tires turned in toward the curb. She was legally parked at a meter, had ...

Where did the word "binky" come from?

Hey, Matt: Was the apparently universal word "binky" just some anonymous, orally fixated infant's cute term for a pacifier or a trade name cooked up by some anonymous, orally fixated ad executive? -- Mark in ...

Where did the necktie come from?

Hi, Matt: Where does the necktie come from? -- Tieless Tim Cotes, Shelter Island They came from hell, I tell you! HELL! Well, actually, France. The same country that gave us high heels. In the ...

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