Content for Saturday, December 2, 2000

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Why don't people get ill from eating liver, an organ full of poisons?

MA: I was enjoying a hefty helping of liver and onions the other day, and I began to wonder how people can safely eat that organ. I know the human liver filters out poisons from ...

What is the deal with five and six legged spiders?

Dear Matthew Alice: What's the deal with all these five- and six-legged spiders in my house? I've been seeing them for years. -- Sue Beckman, Del Mar Greetings from the East Coast: ...where the ragweed ...

Do "close door" buttons in elevators really do anything, or are they installed to pacify impatient passengers?

M.A.: I have a theory that the Close Door buttons in most elevators don’t really do anything but are installed to pacify impatient passengers. I’ve never been in an elevator where the doors react to ...

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