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Naked City

This cover story has not yet been posted. However, you can download the digital edition to view any story from this issue.

Does the President receive a Presidential retirement if impeached?

Question: If Clinton is driven from office by impeachment, does he get a former president's retirement anyway? -- Arlene Burch, the Net Answer: Hell no. No golden parachute if they toss him out of Air ...

Is there a way to tell which movies will end up on HBO, Showtime, etc.?

Matman: Is there a way to tell which movies will end up on HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, etc.? Do certain studios like Columbia or Paramount always release their movies to the same cable stations? -- Robert, ...

How did the bare busted statues get in Balboa Park?

Dear Matthew Alice: Am I the only person in Balboa Park who ever looks up? Otherwise, how is it that we have dozens of statues of bare-breasted, buxom ladies overhead and no one ever mentions ...

Loop through Woods Valley and Valley Center on this bicycle tour out of Escondido.

Resting high above the city of Escondido, Valley Center is well on its way to becoming a rural suburb. As more and more country estates pop up on big lots, the area is gradually losing ...

Prop. B: Farmers on Both Sides

'The Farm Bureau of San Diego has abdicated its responsibility," said Pandora Rose, owner of a 74.5-acre avocado ranch in Ramona, about its opposition to the Rural Heritage Initiative, Proposition B on the November 3 ...

Diamond In the Rough

What is the best way to redevelop downtown San Diego? The recent barrage of discussion regarding a Padres baseball stadium has focused attention on redevelopment of a downtown area, the recently renamed "East Village." Among ...

Censorship, San Diego-style

While Union-Tribune World Series coverage has been heavy on hype, light on substance, last Sunday's New York Times magazine weighed in with a voluminous indictment of baseball and professional sports in general. Titled "Bizball," the ...

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