Content for Thursday, August 6, 1998

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The World You Have and the World You Want

This cover story has not yet been posted. However, you can download the digital edition to view any story from this issue.

Roger Hedgecock and His Vegas Lawyer

Secretaries and a janitor crowd around John Hunter in the leafy courtyard of a Carmel Ranch office building. They squeal and whine "I wanna try it! I wanna try it!" like crazed kids and paw ...

Own private Idaho

What's the worst thing an opponent can say about an Idaho politician? That he's from San Diego. Such is the plight of Dirk Kempthorne, GOP nominee for governor. During a candidate's debate, one of Kempthorne's ...

Follow parts of abandoned Highway 101 through Camp Pendleton on the cyclist's route from Oceanside to San Clemente

Surf, sand, and picturesque bluffs. Salty breezes and the ever-present licorice scent of wild fennel. The rhythmic bumping of your bike tires over the pavement of an old four-lane highway, abandoned save for the occasional ...

What happens to ants when the queen dies?

Matmail: What happens to a colony of ants when the queen dies? Do they have a succession list, an election, do they end it all or what? I had a few thousand visitors, and nothing ...

Why do I empty my bladder more on some days than others?

Dear Matt: Sometimes on a cross-country trip I can whiz right by five rest stops without "resting," and at other times I barely make it from one stop to the next without taking a leak. ...

Why can't clothing manufacturers make labels out of softer material?

Dear Matthew Alice: The first thing I do when I buy a new blouse or dress is tear out the label in the back so it won't scratch me. Why can't clothing manufacturers make labels ...

Roger Hedgecock and His Vegas Lawyer (2)

Oscar Goodman, 59, known as "The Big O," the Las Vegas attorney who local papers sometimes dub "The mouthpiece of the mob,"drives his dark Mercedes sports car toward the desert beyond the city limits. He ...

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