Content for Thursday, February 1, 1973

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Pyramid of Soap

Back in the 1960's the John Birch Society flourished in Southern California. It was real grass roots: neighborhood ladies dropped protest cards in stores that carried Communist-made goods, suburban families invited other suburban families over ...

The Poop Deck in Oceanside

Where was the cook?

AND, ALL AT ONCE, a DELUGE of food: everything was loaded simultaneously onto our table (which was the size of a large checkerboard): salads, bread and butter, rice, potato, clams and all their appurtenances, trout almandine, mushrooms (which were supposed to be appetizers) and water (for some reason the two of us deserved four glasses)

In Defense of Criticism

The salad was soggy (left too long somewhere), the rice had small bits of raw grains (or jujubees?) hiding maliciously, the baked potato must have sat plump in the oven since the restaurant opened (they can be overcooked) and had skin like an old wetsuit.

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