Salvation Boulevard 3.0 stars

Salvation Boulevard movie poster

A spoof, not of religion but of the bloated excesses of religion in a media-driven, mega-church era. Pierce Brosnan is a suave fundamentalist fool, the Rev. Day. He runs afoul of a righteous aetheist (Ed Harris), thrills a suburban fan (Jennifer Connelly), and bewilders her doofy husband (Greg Kinnear). The gags in George Ratliff’s movie are Mad-magazine level, but our chuckles are frequent, expertly encouraged by Marisa Tomei as a stoner and Ciarán Hinds as a dumb ox of manliness. Brosnan might be the funniest preacher since Dick Van Dyke in Cold Turkey. 2011.

David Elliott

This movie is not currently in theaters.


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