Musician Band
Bill Vera's Veil
Bill Cornish Odd Get Even, Willovealot
Bill Moore Simple Mantra
Billy Moore Able the Allies
Blaise Garza Hershel Abram, Mad Traffic
Bob Weller Point of Contact
Bob Tedde Rockola, Steely Damned
Bob Kostlan Genius of Soul
Bob Hamilton Mayors of SexyTown
Bob Adams Slight Return
Bobby Bray Holy Molar, Locust, Bobby Bray, Innerds, League of Assholes, INUS
Brad Sweet Broken Stems
Braden Diotte Tarantula Hawk, Braden Diotte
Branden Parish Branden Parish, Sculpins, Shiva Trash, Watusis
Brandon Parkhurst Yovee, Kut U Up
Brandon Welchez Prayers (defunct), Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower, Crocodiles
Brandon Shock John January
Brandon Relf Sleeping People, Innerds, Kenseth, Brandon & Jason, Life, INUS
Brandon Mascara Monsters
Brandon Mac Lyman Future You
Brenda Xu Brenda Xu
Brendan Prout Brendan Prout Band
Brent Reuter Elephant
Brent J Sundrop Electric
Brent Kuykendall Lucky Stiffs
Brett "Puck" Patterson Whiskey Circle
Brian Grider City's Finest
Brian Karscig Convoy, Louis XIV, Nervous Wreckords
Brian Skank Agents
Brian Teel Devastators, Earful
Brian Reilly Hotel St. George, New Kinetics, Hiroshima Mockingbirds, Little Richards, Diddley Daddies
Brian Fleck Red Llama Dog, Mad Traffic
Brian Ellis Brian Ellis, Astra, Psicomagia
Brian Figueroa afterschoolspecial
Brian Murray Lights On
Brian Stewart Youth Warrant
Briana Wright Zone of the Interior
Britney Sandoval Kemistry
Brooke Rowland Lights On
Bruce Conners Misty & the Mobys, Hi-Five, Taz Taylor Band
Bruce Walker West of 5, Orbis 2.0
Bruce McKenzie Buzz or Howl, Beggars, Maquiladora
Bruce Robbins Take Two
Bryan Difabio Predicates
Bryan Verhoye Bryan Verhoye
Bryan Stratman Crash Encore, Hello Sunshine, Hyena
Byron Yafuso Serious Guise
Cady Truckee Truckee Brothers
Caleb Chial Howls

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