Musician Band
Andy Garcia Ruletta
Angelo Emile Gastelum El Poeta
Annie Heller Fleetwood MAX, Caught Looking
Anthony Kua SDIB
Anthony Lukens Donkeys
Anthony de la Cruz Mr. Roarke's Tattoo
Anthony Saffery Nervous Wreckords
Anthony Smith Death from a Distance, Paul Ingram Quartet, Debora Galan, Joshua White, Mighty Untouchables, Anthony Smith, KD3, Giant People
Anthony Lococo Deeper Purple
Anthony Montemarano Mursic
Ariel Levine Maren Parusel, Distractions: A Tribute to the Other Elvis
Arnie Arm the Angels
Arturo Salido Vegitation
Ashley Custer Really Idol
Aubrey Fay Aubrey Fay
Austin Lorber Project: Out of Bounds
Barnaby Finch Robin Adler & Mutts of the Planet, Barnaby Finch
Baron Lunbeck Sandollar
Barry Franklin Brothers of Praise Phase II
Barry Rosenbaum Wild Nights (formerly Left4Dead)
Bart Mendoza True Stories, Boys About Town, Mission: To Mars, Rarities, Riot Act, Bart Mendoza, Manual Scan, Shambles, Wendy Bailey
Becca Young Jasmine Commerce
Beki Andreasen Anakin
Bekkah Walker Lowcloudcover
Ben Moore Frank Lee Drennen, Pocket, Styletones, Jimmy Lewis Band
Ben Ripani Down with Leo
Ben Zinn Dwight Lightning, Speaker In Reverse
Ben Smedley Verigolds
Berkeley Kent Austin Nautical Disaster, Daffodils, Heart Beat Trail
Bernard Battle Willovealot
Beth Vinas Groove Kitty
Bianca Batti Monsters from Mars, Little Fowl
Bianca Pettis Beatrix*JAR
Bill Calhoun Tell-Tale Hearts, Shambles, Mystery Machine
Bill DiBiase CHI Club
Bill Shreeve San Diego Concert Jazz Band, Yavaz, Bill Shreeve
Bill "Magic Fingers" Cornish Plato Soul
Bill Molch Bill Molch, HeadRUSH, Octorox, Molchenstein's Monster
Bill Travis Bill Travis
Bill Vera's Veil
Bill Cornish Odd Get Even, Willovealot
Bill Moore Simple Mantra
Billy Moore Able the Allies
Blaise Garza Hershel Abram, Mad Traffic
Bob Weller Point of Contact
Bob Tedde Rockola, Steely Damned
Bob Kostlan Genius of Soul
Bob Hamilton Mayors of SexyTown
Bob Adams Slight Return
Bobby Bray Holy Molar, Locust, Bobby Bray, Innerds, League of Assholes

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