University City

Triumph of the natives

Make your backyard wild, San Diego

When my husband and I moved into our San Diego home, our landscape was “drought tolerant” and “low maintenance” — with ice plant in the back and concrete in the front. It was terribly sterile, ...

Avoid the fake meat

Veggie Grill has the veggies, but doesn't grill them

I love meat as much as the next person. Unless that person is my wife, who has been a vegan for nearly 18 months. Eating out when you’re meat-free sometimes is more of a hassle ...

Council to rescind permit for University Town Center neon sign

Judge Timothy Taylor nails staff for double standard.

On Tuesday, city councilmembers will rescind a permit granted to shopping mall conglomerate Westfield Group to hang a 672-square-foot neon sign at Westfield's UTC Shopping Mall. City staff as well as city councilmembers granted the ...

The Kennedy assassination's last insider

Jack Ruby's La Jolla rabbi

According to his rabbi, Jack Ruby was visited in jail after the shooting of Oswald by Joe Campisi, an Italian restaurant owner.

Star-gazer setup in University City

Hey Matt, I grew up in the University City area. I’m a grownup now, but I still go back up Regents and then up Pennant Way from time to time to visit Mom when she ...

Hands-on high schools

The days of standing in front of a class to teach are over.

Career and technical training used to be called vocational or trade school. San Diego Unified School District has tried to put a new face on the program with much success.

A Love Affair with the Freeway

My Dearest Freeway Five, Having spent most of my life in New York City, I have never truly known someone like you. But I came out here for new and exciting experiences, and boy am ...

Good Samaritan Episcopal Church

Interview with Episcopalian pastor Chris Chase

Don’t be distracted by all the shiny, glittery things.

Rose Canyon

Watch for hawks and owls in Rose Creek, a 275-acre oasis around the old Santa Fe Railroad roadbed. Volunteers have planted a native garden near the trailhead.

Rose Canyon is one of the many local canyons set aside for walking, jogging, and bike riding. Views of the canyon from the bridge show its diversity, with four different habitats easily distinguished: chaparral, coastal ...

University City Bikini Lady Reunited with Her Missing Dog

Some commuters who drive in the University City and La Jolla area may be crestfallen to learn that the bikini-wearing lady who was waving signs last week has found her dog. Someone dropped off Arlene ...

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