San Diego universities botch sexual assault investigations

Campus police impotence — just the tip of the iceberg

“Judges are starting to realize that maybe schools shouldn’t be handling these types of sexual assault cases.”

Micro-robots released at UC-San Diego

They swim! They remove toxins! They glow red!

Researchers at the University of California San Diego have announced the development of 3-D printed "microrobots" that can be programmed to swim through a liquid, removing specific toxins found within. "We have developed an entirely ...

Bounty-hunters from L.A. bug UCSD music pirates

Hundreds of cease-and-desist notices charge unauthorized content distribution

Illegal file-sharing, long a problem at UCSD, is still going on, subjecting students and faculty to big-dollar jeopardy. So says an August 18 campus warning posted online by the school's director of academic computing and ...

Dr. Paul Aisen and USC contersue UCSD over claims of denied access

Flack-wielding flacks

UCSD’s war with the University of Southern California over the future of a national Alzheimer’s research program is costing taxpayers plenty in legal fees. Besides lots of lawyers, the state-funded school has also deployed its ...

It won’t solve America’s tobacco epidemic

UCSD study suggests Chantix smoking-cessation pill ineffective

A heavily advertised smoking-cessation drug that's been on the market since 2006 has no discernible effect on decreasing cigarette use among adults, researchers at the UC San Diego School of Medicine are reporting. The main ...

EcoNauts rejoice

High marks in environmental friendliness survey for UCSD

The Sierra Club is getting into the college rankings game, on Tuesday morning (August 11) releasing a list of top universities nationwide based on their eco-friendliness. UC San Diego finds itself among four schools in ...

UCSD loses Alzheimer's research contract

Pharmaceutical giant Lilly shifts to USC, new home of alleged staff/data poacher

The financial repercussions of a controversial move by one of UC San Diego's top researchers to the University of Southern California appear to be surfacing. Eli Lilly and Company, a global pharmaceutical giant, announced Tuesday ...

Theodore Geisel statue weeps tears of purest gold as posthumous book is published

Seuss: Estate "Maybe you can't get blood from a stone…"

On July 28, Random House published What Pet Should I Get?, a parable about the paralyzing effects of endless choice in a wealthy consumer society written by beloved children's author Theodore Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss. ...

UCSD Professor petitions APA to Remove Narcissism from DSM

Prominent UCSD Professor of Psychology Rafe Lection announced today that he is formally petitioning the American Psychological Association to remove Narcisssitc Personality Disorder from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder, or DSM. "Times ...

UCSD flunks sex crime disclosure 101

California universities audited for Clery Act compliance faulted for errors and omissions

The University of California at San Diego, already beset by myriad high-profile troubles, has another black mark to deal with, although this time the taxpayer-funded school isn't alone. "Our review of six California institutions found ...

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