Different frame

Operated in Tripspace, Orpheus & Eurydice is surprising and funny.

“Tripspace”: 1. theater outside, beyond, sometimes even prior to the box; 2. slang term for “what box?” The “box,” well one of them, is the standard, stage-audience configuration of traditional theater. Actors perform a story ...


The public relations department at UCSD has long touted good news about the school’s purported academic standing, omitting the not-so-good. “The campus took the No. 18 spot in U.S. News and World Report’s first-ever global ...

Golden Boy's sweeping punches

A Lost Classic is creaky but still makes contact.

Clifford Odets’ great drama (1937) is staged so rarely, it could qualify as a Lost Classic. As in all of Odets’ work, when it becomes “found,” the story of the rise and fall of a ...

Mainstream U.

UCSD administration first took aim at the Ché Café, and now it has its sights set on Porter’s Pub. “It’s like they’re giving themselves chemo but killing off all of the wrong organs,” says a ...

To Cuba, for haute cuisine

UCSD-based think tank sponsors tour of Fidel’s food and politics

As rumors of an impending thaw in relations with Cuba make the rounds, some well-heeled tourists affiliated with a UCSD-related think tank had planned to set off this weekend on a seven-day, $6100-a-person haute cuisine ...

A question of safety...and address

UCSD close to getting its way with the Ché Café, but the collective is resolute

UCSD pulled the trigger last week. The school went to court November 19 to obtain a writ of possession for the Ché Café, to evict the collective that has operated the café and venue for ...

Innovative spending

UCSD, otherwise known as a university, is looking to become a high-dollar wheeler-dealer in the world of high technology. The tax-funded school is seeking an associate vice chancellor for “innovative alliances.” The new hire will ...

Gods don't take sides

UCSD Theatre & Dance's well-done Burial at Thebes pits daughter against father against media.

Sophocles’ Antigone begins with the unthinkable: two brothers kill each other in battle before the gates of Thebes. Their father, Oedipus, prayed they would die this way. Etiocles fought to continue ruling the city; older ...

All surface

Performance and design can't redeem shallow The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

The Phantom meets Les Miz on the belfry of Notre Dame. Victor Hugo titled his 1831 novel Notre Dame de Paris. When the English translator changed it to The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hugo blew ...


UCSD ophthalmology dept. chief accused of bullying and more in lawsuit

It looks like federal court will be hearing a case centered around harassment charges at the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of California San Diego. This month, Leah Levi, M.D., professor emerita in the ...

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