UCSD finally gets body parts oversight board

As FBI lurks, shadowy human tissue acquisitions undergo review

Under fire from a year-old audit for mishandling human body parts in its research and teaching operations, UCSD has finally announced creation of a new high-level committee to help clean up its act. "As many ...

Fleeting utopia

In Come From Away, a group of people withdraw from the world — for a time

When’s the last time a musical began not with a Carillion-style fanfare of intent, but with the crisp, insistent pounding of a hand drum? Then a fiddle slashes in and things go Celtic — tight, ...

Little less conversation, please

Wrenegades: An Ecological Adventure at Circle Circle dot dot has a lot of show but insists on tell

The latest offering from Circle Circle dot dot peeks into the world of San Diego's coastal habitat and the Sisyphean struggles conservationists face when industry moves in. We meet doctoral student Ed Leopold (Michael Nieto) ...

UCSD's questioned body business

Audit finds problematical use of cadavers and parts from outside sources

The question of who has the body parts at UCSD and where they came from has drawn the attention of university auditors, who say that the increased use of anatomical materials from commercial sources has ...

Ché has a pulse

Campus collective staging shows until the goon squad shows

When UCSD administration had an eviction notice posted on Ché Café in March, images of supporters getting hauled off by sheriff’s deputies drove four TV crews to the 35-year-old food co-op and music venue to ...

Israeli drone pioneers get Jacobs backing

Will billionaire Democrat rejoin costly Balboa Park battle?

What is Democratic billionaire Irwin Jacobs up to next? That is the question making the rounds at San Diego’s city hall in the wake of a state appellate court ruling against superior court judge Tim ...

Cultural acne cure-all

Name-changing has become a busy business at San Diego’s two state-sponsored universities. At UCSD it’s been announced that the School of International Relations and Pacific Studies is being renamed the UC San Diego School of ...

UCSD's $100,000 National Geographic adventure

Tax-funded university helps pay for Fox channel's SeaWorld hype, but not foreign junkets

How much does it cost to get a lengthy plug on the National Geographic Channel, a partner of Rupert Murdoch's international media empire? In the case of the University of California, San Diego, it was ...

No Sun God class-dodging, professors told

Faculty warned Snoop Dogg's UCSD blowout shouldn't have day of recovery

Rapper Snoop Dogg is set to come to UCSD next month to headline the school's controversial Sun God festival, noted for alcohol poisonings and drug overdoses, and officials there are already plotting ways to keep ...

No "jobs killer" here

UC-San Diego even offers a class on how to get work with the university

Looking for a new job is no picnic, but UCSD is the only employer in the county that offers a class on how to get hired. “We tout that,” said Michael Yates, director of talent ...

Mark Dresser

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