UCSD’s Canadian alien

UCSD has hired its very first “vice chancellor and chief financial officer,” according to an October 6 message from chancellor Pradeep Khosla, and the new employee is from Canada. Pierre Ouillet, formerly vice president of ...

Are you out of your gourd?

UCSD Pumpkin Drop supplier turns down $400 offer

Jon Berndes, a telephone repairman by trade, decided that he wanted to try and grow the world’s largest pumpkin when he read a newspaper article 20 years ago about…the world’s largest pumpkin. Last month, Berndes ...

Rage against the University

On October 10, attorneys for the Ché Café, UCSD’s student-run music venue and organic-food co-op, will fight an order to vacate the space after 34 years. The directive was delivered in July of this year ...


UCSD writing instructor sues school for not addressing harassment charges

A UCSD writing instructor is suing the university for failing to stop sexual and racial harassment that she reported against her boss. Grace Aspiras, hired in 2007 to work in the basic writing program to ...

Appeals court knocks out UCSD student

Undergrad suspended for sending a colleague to the hospital

The Fourth Appellate District late last month upheld a lower court ruling that Daniel Berman, a University of California/San Diego (UCSD) undergrad who punched out a colleague, was appropriately punished when suspended for two quarters. ...

Drug-fueled Sun God chomps into UCSD budget

Task force says another committee needed for more study

How much did it cost to stage this year's Sun God, the annual drug and alcohol-plagued rock festival at the center of an ongoing internal controversy at UCSD over the May 17 drug overdose death ...

Where's the monster?

Red Planet Respite 's appealing premise falls mostly flat.

GlobalCom Venture Capital’s “first interactive resort on Mars” is still a work in progress. So is the script for Circle Circle dot dot’s slow, spotty tale of corruption and greed in far-away places. The premise ...

Diversity guru still sought by UCSD

Search to fill controversial — and lucrative — post launched after long delay

It may have taken a bit longer than expected, but taxpayer-funded UCSD has finally launched a national search for another pricey vice chancellor of "equity, diversity, and inclusion." "The desired outcome of these efforts," according ...

Culture-war questions

The teens wear “purity rings” and know that “true love waits” until marriage.

Now, this was more than 50 years ago, but maybe times haven’t changed. The wife of one of Mississippi’s largest landowners wanted more culture in education. So, she circulated a petition to have French taught ...

Drunken Sun God quelled by 15 cop shops

Heavy police response said to have cut UCSD drinking and drugging

The May 17 drug-overdose death of UCSD undergraduate computer-science student Ricardo "Ricky" Ambriz continues to quietly shake the foundations of UCSD, with administrators in a behind-the-scenes struggle over the fate of the Sun God Festival, ...

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