Enemies of the estate sale

“When burglars come in, it’s [usually] other family members."

“Dollar-store owners have been stealing our bright orange signs that we spent all night working on,” says Jill K, a retired teacher. “We don’t have them printed like our competitors do.” Jill says the act ...

SDSU's top spook

Real-life James Bond led colorful, lucrative life of cash and intrigue

The death of Charles Hostler, a longtime contributor to the financial wellbeing of San Diego State University, has been marked by tributes at the highest levels there. “Charles Hostler was a visionary and a true ...

SDSU international students discuss American fashion

Aussie invasion on campus.

While enjoying brunch in San Diego, I found Australian (and one Brit) SDSU students Alice Himelstein, Bridie Davey, Sarah Astrada, Becky Oaks, and Sierra Callaway enjoying a break from studying. The five friends had some ...

Thank heaven for good samaritan

7-Eleven employees intent on cleaning up blood

On Saturday night, August 30, my boyfriend Rynne and I decided to hit up the nearby 7-Eleven on a corner in a busy area near San Diego State University. It was still early in the ...

Guest editorial: It's hard out here for a playa

Troy Rampant is a senior at a San Diego high school. Man, back in the day, it was just easier, you know? My mom, she didn't know what she wanted to do when she got ...

KPBS takes fresh bite of sex story

State-owned broadcaster offers new spin on campus violence and harassment

The clock began ticking June 24 with the release of a state audit blasting San Diego State University and sister institutions for failing to deal with increased incidents of campus sexual harassment and violence. The ...

SDSU sued over living wage

Elite security claims school balks at payment due to mandatory wage hikes

As storm clouds gather over the San Diego City Council's minimum-wage hike — with promises by U-T San Diego publisher and megamillionaire developer Douglas Manchester of an "ugly" referendum battle against the move – his ...

SDSU’s self-report draws a blank

It took almost two weeks, but KPBS, the public broadcast operation owned and run by San Diego State University finally got around to reporting on a state audit blasting the school for mishandling its sexual ...

Audit calls out sexual harassment at SDSU

Will state-owned TV station report on university’s own laxity?

Last summer, the scandal surrounding San Diego's then–mayor Bob Filner made sexual harassment a heated topic of discussion on local and national news media, including KPBS, the public broadcast operation owned and operated by San ...

Cash comingling, ethics lapses at SDSU

State audit finds lack of disclosure and honesty training risks fraud

An audit of San Diego State University by state investigators has discovered big gaps in the way the hallowed institution tracks and discloses conflicts-of-interests, ethics training, and cash donations. According to the report to the ...

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