SD on the QT: Almost Factual News

San Diego Public Utilities Officials seek to impose financial penalty on gross water-savers

Group asks Independent Rates Oversight Committee for 17% rate hike to cover costs brought on by lower usage.

FILE UNDER: ALMOST COMPLETELY FACTUAL NEWS — "If they save water, we don't sell water," said SDPU Associate Bastard Craig Greedhead. "And if we don't sell water, we don't make money. And that shit just ...

Supreme Court Justice speaks at local judicial conference

Justice Kennedy: "I love booze, guns, and porn."*

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, who penned the majority decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, the landmark decision which cleared the way for legalized same-sex marriage in the United States, recently participated in a moderated ...

San Diego Planned Parenthood addresses fetal organ controversy through updated board game

"Get 'em while they're young."

Kate Bradshaw, President of Planned Parenthood San Diego, is angry. "Everybody knows that if a woman wants to donate her kidney to someone who needs a kidney, she is free to do that. It's a ...

Annual Shame parade attracts record number of participants, but no spectators

Parade organizer: "Frankly, we'd prefer to keep it that way."

SOMETIME AFTER PRIDE, HILLCREST — There are no banners at the Shame parade. No floats. No music. No smiling politicians, eager to latch on to the general good feeling. And no spectators, save for the ...

UCSD Professor petitions APA to Remove Narcissism from DSM

Prominent UCSD Professor of Psychology Rafe Lection announced today that he is formally petitioning the American Psychological Association to remove Narcisssitc Personality Disorder from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder, or DSM. "Times ...

America's Finest Sh***y?

HBO Funnyman John Oliver calls San Diego "a solid Number Two."

On a recent episode of his popular comedic commentary program Last Week Tonight, John Oliver took time to tackle the issue of publicly financed stadiums for privately owned sports teams. Not surprisingly, San Diego was ...

Del Mar Opening Day 2015: Deep Cleavage Leads an Outstanding and Crowded Field

Del Mare?

Opening Day 2015 at the Del Mar Racetrack had it all: high-stepping pageantry, fierce competition, desperate gambles, brutal jockeying for position, and the mysterious combination of effortless grace and hard-won physical excellence that is the ... rakes in record profits over Comic-Con 2015

Comic-Con High Council says room-renting service may provide solution to hotel-block impasse.

Comic-Con has come and gone, and the good news is, San Diego will host the popular pop-culture convention at least through 2018. But after that, the Con’s future here is unclear, thanks in part to ...

SDG&E explains new billing system

Fewer tiers, more tears

San Diego Gas & Electric recently voted to implement a new billing system, one that raised the per-kilowatt rate for the lightest consumers while lowering the rate for the highest consumers. "I know it looks ...

(Over)cast your vote

San Diego Department of Weather seeks public comment on new terms for cloud season.

“San Diego’s beaches were expecting over a million visitors for the July 4 holiday,” says San Diego Dept. of Weather chief Sunny Fair. “Thanks to the unseasonal cloud cover, we managed less than half of ...

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