San Ysidro

Phony construction worker busted by Border Patrol

Attempt at coffee klatch camouflage backfires

A Mexican national was arrested on Monday, April 7, after attempting to pose as a construction worker, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials. At around 6:30 in the morning, a man arrived at ...

Smugglers try the horse trick at Smugglers Gulch

Worth risking the animals

Border Patrol agents in Imperial Beach are seeing an upsurge in bicycles and horses being used to smuggle humans across, Border Patrol spokesman Tim Hamill confirmed Friday. In the past few weeks, Border Patrol agents ...

Ed talks out of school

Sweetwater High teachers complain of class size, move one step closer to strike

The imminent strike action of teachers, librarians, and nurses in the Sweetwater Union High School district has gone one step forward and two steps back. On March 27 Superintendent Ed Brand called a press conference ...

At the house of frog tacos

This food truck delivers top food and bottom prices

You notice it as you come in on the Blue Line: The pool of light. The clump of customers. The mariscos (seafood) food truck. Everybody's standing around, heads forward, chowing down. Lotta customers: good sign. ...

SENTRI pass border-crossers frustrated

Route change and lack of signage creates clusterfunk

Drivers coming north from Tijuana through the San Ysidro Port of Entry this week have been struggling to figure out the new route to the SENTRI lanes — a route that hasn't worked well for ...

Unsafe border buses

A little-noticed report by the inspector general’s office of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has found that software problems lasting almost a year, from September 2012 through August 2013, prevented U.S. state officials from ...

San Ysidro border station nearing completion

Photos show finishing touches being applied

The new border station in San Ysidro is nearing completion. Here is a series of photos showing the new station and some of its features.

Warning: Do not take weed into Mexico

A survey of who does and what happens if you do

“It seems like Border Patrol read your Tijuana junkie and dealer article,” my brother jokingly told me on Facebook. He had recently noticed a new sign posted near the border that reads “Medical marijuana prohibited ...

No uptick in border-business sales…yet

"It is going to impact the store. The majority of our customers are Mexican."

Though it is just after the buying season, San Diego border businesses are expecting an increase in traffic from the Mexican sales tax hike of 2014. "As of right now, it's pretty slow. We're not ...

Border Patrol training exercise moved up on schedule

Tactics to thwart border breaches like the one on November 24

With horses, shields, fake and real tear gas, and one biting dog, about 90 U.S. Border Patrol agents from the San Diego Sector trained for crowd and riot control atop Spooner's Mesa in the Tijuana ...

Opening Day at El Chaparral Border Crossing

Mexico's El Chaparral border crossing station opened its 22 gates to the full flow of Mexico-bound traffic on Friday, November 1. Traffic jams lasted for hours. These videos, shot from different vantage points on the pedestrian crossing walkways, give a sense of what commuters will be up against until the kinks are worked out.