San Carlos

Bikers’ and climbers’ stake in Mission Trails park

Master plan meeting touches on the Boulders, adding acreage

At the April 17 meeting on the Mission Trails Regional Park master plan update, speakers included rock climbers, mountain bikers, and property owners. Topics for the first two groups included access and the Quail Brush ...

Navajo planners consider pot shops in District 7

No recommendations preceding council approval of new ordinance

Navajo Community Planners, Inc., listened for about an hour February 24 to discussion of the proposed medical-marijuana dispensary ordinance, but the board made no recommendation about the regulation on the San Diego City Council' s ...

Shadow-walk with Mission Trails photographer

Former bureaucrat David Cooksy gets outside, stays there

Birds in Mission Trails Regional Park displayed varied reactions when David Cooksy's camera made a beeping sound while focusing. Egrets became "panicky. They looked around; they thought it was a bird," Cooksy said during a ...

Protest over Mission Trails mountain-bike trail closures

Letter from state and fed agencies brings hammer down

At least 500 mountain-bikers, hikers, and equestrians paraded through Mission Trails Regional Park on Saturday morning, January 11, to protest the closing of popular trails in the northeastern section of the well-used open-space area. "There's ...

Best events in San Diego: December 19–December 25

Thursday | 19 Naca Tamales of Nicaragua The tamales of Nicaragua are more of a meal than just masa. Inside each banana-leaf-wrapped tamale you’ll find tender chunks of pork, potatoes, rice, onions, olives, and prunes. ...

Rodent patrol officer lives at Mission Trails’ park center

Six-toed cat has been on the job since July

The sun, in the form of Enyaa the six-toed cat, comes out at night at Mission Trails Regional Park Visitor Center. Enyaa ("en" as in "hen;" "yaa" rhymes with "caw") is the Kumeyaay word for ...

San Carlos residents bandy about traffic solutions

"The fact you have to wait two seconds is not worth the life of my child."

Navajo Community Planners, Inc., on October 21, considered three San Carlos traffic issues. The planning group unanimously approved the installation of a four-way stop at Green Gables Avenue and Wandermere Drive, and a board majority ...

Kwaay Paay Peak, Mission Trails Regional Park

Get a good workout and avoid the crowd on Cowles Mountain

Kwaay Paay Peak is a good alternative to Cowles Mountain for anyone who wants a good climbing hike without a crowd. It is the fourth highest peak in Mission Trails Regional Park, at an elevation ...

Mission Trails, Visitor Center Loop

The nation’s largest urban natural park, right off I-8

Encounter several natural habitats and an Indian acorn-grinding area on this short trail.

Mission Trails, Oak Grove Loops

Discover a Kumeyaay dwelling nestled in a shady oak grove.

The highlights of this short hike include the transition from grasslands and coastal sage scrub habitats to small shaded oak woodland with majestic coast live oaks and rare Engelmann oaks found along a stream where ...