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Dempsey Holder, now he was a waterman

Why I.B.?

By 1910, Imperial Beach had its first sidewalks, a general store, post office, library, a dance pavilion, and houses. A pier was constructed to provide electricity utilizing the Edwards Wave Motor. The machine never worked ...

The price of making history

Sail the San Salvador — only 995 bucks

Just as in 1542, when Spanish explorer Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo sailed the first European-type vessel up the California coast, the Maritime Museum of San Diego is getting ready to sail its full-scale replica of Cabrillo’s ...

Sandpiper season

Heat, sanderlings, and willets abound

San Diego's Warmest Weather, on average, should occur in August through early September, according to statistics compiled from several decades of measurements taken near the San Diego International Airport. In an average year, coastal residents ...

Zippy shredding units

A bit on the Takayama dynasty

Donald Takayama was probably the first professional surfer in the sport, according to Dale Velzy, notable longboard rider and board shaper. In the early 1950s, Velzy saw the young Takayama surfing at Makaha Beach on ...

This week's Perseid meteor shower could deliver 200 meteors per hour

Double the normal number of meteors expected this year

Comet Swift-Tuttle graced our skies last in 1992, though it was observed as far back as 69 B.C. by the Chinese. The Earth passes through the particles left behind by the comet every year in ...

A dollar and six cents for access to perch

Carl and Sue’s Surf-fishing Derby this weekend in Baja

For the initial southward migration of anglers into Baja, those in search of trophy fish usually bypassed San Quintín, known as a windy and coolish place with sand dunes between rocky escarpments dotted with shallow ...

Welcome orioles; beware fleas

July's end brings out all sorts

Orioles, the bright yellow or yellow-orange-and-black birds seen flitting among the palm trees, are summer residents of San Diego County's coastal areas. A century ago, the orioles preferred to nest in sycamore trees, which were ...

Even the kids like bowling

One hammered two strikes in a row

The leisure days of summer make my mind wander to all the extras I can’t find time to do the rest of the year. One such activity is bowling. The whole family enjoys it but ...

Three abalone in a single dive

Rocks, Rips, and Reefs program this Saturday

Before World War II there were San Diegans who would feed their families with what they could scratch up from the ocean bottom. This was when few went more than waist deep. The first “goggle ...

Comfortable outdoor bathing this weekend

Ocean temps peaking

Ocean Water Temperatures are peaking late this month or are likely to peak in August as a result of many weeks of summer sunshine and warm coastal air temperatures. While the water off shore seldom ...

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