Of Note

Gavin Turek and the nu disco

L.A. artist breathes soulful life into dance music

Straight out of the 1970s, with all the commingled smells of sweat and polyester and a big fat four-on-the-floor beat like God’s metronome, and soaring above it all is a lovely, lithe voice: that’s the ...

Bebop revivalist Miguel Zenón

Throwback jazz with a Latin twist hits ArtPower at UCSD

Miguel Zenón is not your grandmother’s jazzman — so many of them are, for better or worse. Ever since a handful of the perkiest among them invented bebop in the 1940s, followed by the next ...

When life hands you Lemon Twigs...

...join the pop-rock fun at Casbah this Thursday

The Lemon Twigs sound like a rough cut of the Beatles from way back before the Fab Four had gotten tight from playing all those marathon gigs in Germany. Throw in some Bay City Rollers, ...

Revivalists or revitalists?

Indie rockers who have discovered soul and R&B and, in their own DIY way, have revitalized that music

The Revivalists (no, they don’t live up to their name, but we’ll get to that later) are among the crop of indie rockers who have discovered soul and R&B and in their own DIY way, ...

Lemuria — violence with a smile

...feel-good indie-rock punk-pop with a garage band’s sense of the disorganized

The word “lemuria” can mean many things. Lemuria is a Belgian band, for example, or was a religious holiday celebrated in ancient Rome, or is a song title recorded by a Swedish symphonic metal band ...

Goodbye Terrible Youth, hello American Wrestlers

St. Louis-via-Scotland indie-rock act sets up at Soda Bar Thursday night

“A few steps behind the times” is how one reviewer describes the band American Wrestlers; the comment is spot-on. Who uses a drum machine anymore, right? Or, a timeworn tape recorder? There are a few ...

Thank You Scientist's lab rock

Stranger Heads Prevail at Casbah on Wednesday night

You could possibly generate earthquakes with this band’s music cranked at high volume. It’s like nothing you’ve ever heard, unless you listen to the Beatles and Kansas and Genesis and the Mars Volta and Frank ...

The many sides of Ariel Levine

From Bon Scott's Big Balls to Bowie's boas

“We’re gonna do the album from start to finish,” Ariel Levine tells me by phone from his Middletown apartment. Levine is a singer/composer/guitarist transplant from New York. “I’ve lived here for five years now.” The ...

Slow Hollows' new-gen new wave

L.A. act brings back hook-heavy synth-pop

Rock radio in the years leading up to Van Halen was overwhelmed with the sounds of a format called new wave, otherwise known as synth pop. A lot of that music was exported from Britain. ...

Punk-rock revivalists Barb Wire Dolls

Soda Bar stages the Greek five-piece on Thursday night, December 22

They’re a good three decades late to the dance, but don’t paint them into the retro corner. This is a living, breathing band, fresh, and coming off the launch pad as if they could restart ...

"Right Time"

...off of Nikki Lane's new one All or Nothin'

"Desperate Heart"

...from Gram Rabbit's Welcome to the Country album

New Orleans Suspects

...live onstage at SPACE


...by Twin Peaks off of their sophomore record Wild Onion

"Run to the Hills"

Steve 'n' Seagulls perform the Maiden classic live


...the Aristocrats, a live performance


...by the Teagan Taylor Band...after a snack...in the kitchen

"The Swimmer"

...off of the Toronto trios post-core sophomore set Metz II

"Jenny Says"

...by Cowboy Mouth


From Unknown Mortal Orchestra's album of the same name.

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