Of Note

Putting faces to the Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Web-hit psychedelic rock trio sells out Casbah

In 2010 a singer/songwriter and guitarist named Ruban Nielson posted an original track to his Bandcamp site. Pop music bloggers got their hands on it, reposted it all over the internet, and due to the ...

Pokey LaFarge beats the street

Busker makes old-time rags new again

Ragtime bluesman Pokey LaFarge is the creation of Andrew Heissler. Pokey, he maintains, is what his mother called him as a child; LaFarge is his own invention. He grew up in Normal, Illinois, and the ...

Chappo's call to action

East Coast rock-rollers explore black holes, time warps, and parallel universes

There’s this band called Chappo, and the opening 16 bars of their song “5-0” are a call to action for the generation of us who grew up in the midst of the first wave of ...

A new look for jazz: Natalie Cressman

Trombone vocalist slides into Dizzy's P.B. digs

The new face of jazz (or at least one of them) has tattoos and wears yoga pants. Raised on Brazilian and Afro-Cuban rhythms, with straight-ahead instrumental chops worthy of a Wycliffe Gordon and yet equally ...

G Burns: the screaming red Ferrari of jug bands

Local folkies will take you waaaaaaay back at the Black Cat

“Jug band — the term refers to a specific style of music and a specific historical period,” Clinton Davis tells the Reader. “And most of those bands were in the 1930s and ’40s, and they ...

Bully for Bully

The death of grunge left Alicia Bognanno wanting more

The voice does not sound like it should be coming out of that singer’s body. I’m talking about Bully’s front person Alicia Bognanno, and I love it when that happens. The unexpected vocal skirmish that ...

Flan's the man

Tim Flannery trades his cleats and glove for a nice pair of boots and an acoustic guitar

The hometown singer/songwriter contingent is possibly the fittest and most obvious of the various music scenes in San Diego. Witness the number of open-mic nights (sometimes two or three a day) at area venues. In ...

Every day is Sunday for Slackers

San Diego ex-pat saxman returns with his rocksteady act

The Slackers from New York City have a San Diego connection: meet David Hillyard, the band’s sax player. Now 45, he was born here and raised in a neighborhood in the northern part of La ...

Octagrape: what a strange band

Local amp-killers make it sound like pop

“Hazy rabbits-foot jams” — what a strange band Octagrape is, and I mean that in a good way. Over the three years of this quartet’s life, fans and pop-music critics alike have put every possible ...

Hello it's me: Todd Rundgren

“My idols are players like Tony Bennett and B.B. King."

The news comes before dawn about the passing of B.B. King, making it next to impossible to keep focused on the actual subject of this week’s column. An internet search turns up random scraps of ...


From Unknown Mortal Orchestra's album of the same name.

"Something in the Water"

...by Pokey LaFarge


Off of Chappo's Nothin' to Sell You EP

"New Moon"

Natalie Cressman performs her original composition

"The Gate to Go Through"

B Burns Jug Band live in Old Town


...by Nashville alt-rock act Bully

"Backs Against the Wall"

Flannery performing an original about the San Francisco Giants' 2012 season

"My Bed Is a Boat"

The Slackers video of the title track off of their latest EP.

"We Are Time"

Octagrape's take on the Pop Group song

"Hello It's Me"

Tod Rundgren performs his hit single on The Midnight Special

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