Of Note

Hello it's me: Todd Rundgren

“My idols are players like Tony Bennett and B.B. King."

The news comes before dawn about the passing of B.B. King, making it next to impossible to keep focused on the actual subject of this week’s column. An internet search turns up random scraps of ...

Where do you keep your Dracula Boots?

Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds on the bill of this week's Gig To Get To at Casbah

In January, Brian Tristan announced that he would assume the identity of his alter ego, Kid Congo Powers, full-time, at least onstage. Not such a bad move — Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds’ ...

Is jazz the new rock?

The Akiko Tsuruga, Graham Dechter, and Jeff Hamilton Trio may think so...

Is jazz the new rock? Yes and no. Some of jazz culture will forever remain mired in the 1950s, which the industry will support by design not unlike radio’s ultracautious love for tried-and-true music like ...

Bomb shelter shoegaze

Israeli indie act Vaadat Charigim visits San Diego

An aural collection of every kind of shoegaze/dream pop you’ve ever heard, but with a hard left turn. Vaadat Charigim is the name of a band from Tel-Aviv, a trio consisting of guitarist/vocalist Yuval Haring, ...

Go OK Go OK Go!

OK Go is a band less famous for its music than its videos, some of which have gone viral on YouTube to the tune of 10 million hits, including one that netted the band a ...

Enter Shikari has no bad reviews

Judge for yourself at Soma this Friday

Enter Shikari brings the full menu to the stage: post hardcore, alt metal, metal core, electronica, trance, industrial, and that sound that is death to most subwoofers, dubstep. They’re from Hertfordshire, a city that is ...

Current Swell rocks folk

Music journos have called Current Swell Vancouver Island’s answer to surf rock. Originally a backyard party band from Canada, they gelled into something (give or take a few personnel changes) and then gained an audience ...

Hopeless Jack & the Handsome Devil sounds down home

To criticize the progressive whitening of the blues, a trend that may have gotten jump-started during the electrified 1970s, would be pointless. African-American origins notwithstanding, blues audiences have shifted away from those roots, as have ...

Doyle Bramhall II music is a train that runs right on time

The job of any Texas blues-rock guitarist is to rise above all other such Texas guitarists that came before him or her and, good lordy, that deck is stacked. The Lone Star State has given ...

SoKo mines her psychic backyard

The two SoKos: first, there’s a dream-pop side where sensory input is reduced to a simple trickle of fragile chords and a voice that sounds as if filtered through layers of gauze, or, the darker ...

"Hello It's Me"

Tod Rundgren performs his hit single on The Midnight Special


By Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds off of their album Dracula Boots

"Alligator Boogaloo"

Organist Akiko Tsuruga performing "Alligator Boogaloo" with Lou Donaldson on alto sax, Randy Johnston on guitar, and Fukushi Tainaka on drums


Vaadat Charigim's "Odisea"

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