Belching Beaver getting big

Six-packs, sours, and a full restaurant in the works

Belching Beaver Brewing has been in serious expansion mode this spring. In March, the company more than quadrupled its capacity by moving in to a 30-barrel production brewery in Oceanside. Meanwhile, its original 15-barrel Vista ...

You can’t run, but you can hide Papa Burger in Oceanside

Cover blown on Angelo Man’s previous life as family man

Since 1977, many Oceanside residents have passed by the Angelo’s Burgers at the south end of town, on Coast Highway. One can’t miss the statue of a big man holding a big hamburger. Most people ...

Last of Oceanside's Chinese buffets?

Building was once part of the local Jimmy’s Restaurant chain

The China Star Super Buffet may be going out of business soon. Until a few years ago, Oceanside had six Chinese buffets. All had gone out of business except for China Star, at the southeast ...

Coke-Pepsi's discreet war in North County

“No one has ever walked in and asked for a glass of Pepsi. No one!"

“Is Pepsi okay?” are not the words serious Coca-Cola drinkers want to hear in restaurants. So when a Coke-themed diner switched to Pepsi, customers like Oceanside resident Cheri Noel were “not happy.” Last week Noel ...

Oceanside Harbor facelift

Actually, more like a transplant, as 40-year-old sign gets replaced

“Don’t worry, we’re not changing the name of the town,” said a City of Oceanside maintenance worker. On April 4, workers were removing the large “OCEANSIDE” letters of the sign seen by boaters as they ...

Casting call in Oceanside for Animal Kingdom

“We want people from here to watch the show to say, ‘Hey, that’s my town!’”

For the possibility of fame and fortune, or just plain fun, over 1000 people showed up on April 1 for an open casting call for extras on a new TV show, Animal Kingdom, to be ...

Save the fish, save the river

Aid for landlocked trout at San Luis Rey River

They are among the last of their kind in San Diego County — a small batch of Southern California steelhead trout, trapped in a fish bowl: the San Luis Rey River. Once, they were easy ...

American Pickers may be coming to San Diego

First you have to call them and tell them what you have to offer

The American Pickers, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, are coming to California, possibly San Diego, to film new episodes for their hit TV show for the History Channel. But unlike the previous eight seasons, the ...

What is “New American” anymore?

The same tavern-chic at Masters Kitchen and Cocktail

The designers of Masters Kitchen and Cocktail embraced the building’s auto parts warehouse history. Perhaps too much. Cold drafts bother when the weather turns cool, the whole place seems designed to an inhuman scale, and ...

Off to gangsters’ paradise

Two Deep Valley Bloods get more than 75 years in state prison

Two Oceanside gangsters will make one more appearance in a San Diego courtroom this month, on February 24, before they spend the rest of their lives in state prison, officials say. Roland Isaac Seau, 25, ...

Fernandez tribute

RIP John Paul Fernandez, 1994-2011

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