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Good/bad news in Manchester world

Austin hotel could benefit from larger center and Jr.'s marriage is over

Manchester Texas Financial Group of Austin, Texas, headed by Douglas W. Manchester, son of Douglas F. ("Papa Doug") Manchester, has enjoyed some good news. Manchester Texas is building a $350 million convention center hotel in ...

Amazon wouldn't be able to deliver by drone. Wah.

State bill to restrict flights awaits Governor Brown's signature

A newly passed bill awaiting signature by governor Jerry Brown seeks to impose a restriction on pilots of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), which would prevent them from being flown at an altitude lower than 350 ...

Sharp rebuked

Hospital loses wrongful termination suit on appeal

A wrongful-termination suit that had been thrown out by a Superior Court judge was reinstated in August by the Court of Appeal, Fourth Appellate District. Karen Nosal-Tabor, a registered nurse who formerly worked in the ...

Micro-robots released at UC-San Diego

They swim! They remove toxins! They glow red!

Researchers at the University of California San Diego have announced the development of 3-D printed "microrobots" that can be programmed to swim through a liquid, removing specific toxins found within. "We have developed an entirely ...

Chargers, Airbnb, and Mark Fabiani’s vicious knife fighter

"Master of disaster" partner signs on as influencer with home rental outfit

Two colleagues from the White House of Democratic president Bill Clinton and his vice president, Al Gore, have followed twisted but prosperous paths since those halcyon years of Whitewater and Monica Lewinsky. Arguably the most ...

Former UCAN founder wins lawsuit

Michael Shames awarded $141,000

Michael Shames yesterday (August 27) won a lawsuit filed against him by the Utility Consumers Action Network (UCAN), which he had cofounded. UCAN had filed suit claiming that Shames owed it $450,000. By 11 to ...

Iranian national sentenced in San Diego

Arash Ghahreman gets 78 months for tech-smuggling scheme

Arash Ghahreman, a naturalized United States citizen and former Iranian national, yesterday (August 27) was sentenced to six and a half years in prison for his role in a scheme to purchase marine navigation and ...

Free airport politico parking? Priceless.

Lobbyists’ scrum vies for new big-dollar influence-peddling deal

When it comes to favors done for members of the California legislature, those free and walkable parking spaces quietly maintained by the San Diego Regional Airport Authority for politicos are regarded as among the best ...

Affordable housing expert slighted by KPBS?

Station GM Karlo responds to last-minute cancellation

Tom Karlo, general manager for San Diego's public broadcasting network KPBS, stands by his staff's decision to rescind an invitation for affordable-housing advocate Richard Lawrence to appear on the station's Midday Edition program on August ...

San Diego: Tech City, U.S.A., babies

Average local tech wage, $114,300; non-tech? less than $50K (don't cry)

Technology accounted for 11.1 percent of San Diego County jobs last year but 22 percent of total wages, according to a new study by Kelly Cunningham, economist for the National University System Institute for Policy ...

"Scott Peters puts us at risk" spot

Liang, the Chun Kun Lady

Anti-treaty with Iran ad

John Oliver on stadium lunacy

Carlsbad fires, May 14, 2014

Mount Taylor

Darrell Issa's pedicab ride

CNN video

Office of Secure Transportation video