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Bungling (suspected) burglars busted with stolen stuff

Curious Carlsbad man comes across belongings in car detained by cops

A Carlsbad man walked down the street to see why the cop car was there; he then saw his stolen possessions inside a car that was being detained, according to testimony at a hearing today, ...

Local hotel business improves....but

Still lags other California metros

According to Smith Travel Research figures, occupancy in San Diego hotels has risen from 67.6% year-to-date March of last year to 70.9% this year. Average daily room rate has climbed from $126.98 to $133.1. But ...

Port parking ruse — er, pilot program in effect

Meter rate jumps to $1.75 an hour in some Embarcadero lots

The Port of San Diego has decided to experiment with a "parking meter pilot program," which might better be described as a localized hike in parking-meter rates. There are 186 metered public parking spaces at ...

Douglas Manchester backs a Horton

U-T San Diego owner drops small bundle on Lincoln Club candidate

Real estate developer and U-T San Diego publisher Douglas Manchester has boarded the Board of Equalization bandwagon of GOP ex-assemblywoman and former Chula Vista mayor Shirley Horton, kicking in $6000 on April 21, according to ...

Burrowing neighbors trigger near Mexican stand-off

Radio call made requesting agents with long rifles

A group of five possibly armed Mexican military came through the drug tunnel under the border the night of April 1 and tried to exit in an Otay Mesa warehouse being guarded by the Department ...

Mayor's nominee withdraws from major appointment

Gray says he backed out of civil service commission role to avoid conflicts

Insurance consultant and Republican Lincoln Club leader Douglas E. Gray has backed out of an appointment by San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer to the city's civil service commission. Interviewed in his downtown C Street office ...

Would-be railroad barons face steep grade

Note to MTS: Backers of Pacific Imperial Railroad have controversial past

Conflict of interest and other financial wrongdoings continue to appear around every bend for the binational railroad meant to link factories in Mexico and the U.S. Yet, despite allegations of fraud and links to dozens ...

Scammed: California’s unclaimed property website

False claimants scored $1.5M before being busted

A group of eight Southern Californians are accused of defrauding the state of at least $1.5 million by filing false claims through California's unclaimed property website. A federal indictment against the group was unsealed in ...

Familiar face remains as Faulconer cleans house

Paul Robinson's brow-raising associations and decisions irrelevant to mayor

Continuing a string of appointments of political backers to key spots in San Diego city government, Republican mayor Kevin Faulconer has renewed the long tenure of downtown lobbyist Paul Robinson as chairman of the Mission ...

Opera operative advised no discussion of fat checks

So, will the Campbells rake it in or what?

One of the biggest questions in the San Diego Opera brouhaha is about whether general director Ian Campbell and his ex-wife Ann Spira Campbell will get paid generous benefits if the opera closes down. Karen ...

Lincoln Club video

"Member of the Week"

Audio of Leitner's tantrum

Audio of Leitner's tantrum

Faulconer party

Behind the Kitchen Door promo

Do you eat ethically?

Encinitas tree-light stringing

Quad-copter at 1000 ft.

November 24 border-crossing attempt