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Drunken Sun God quelled by 15 cop shops

Heavy police response said to have cut UCSD drinking and drugging

The May 17 drug-overdose death of UCSD undergraduate computer-science student Ricardo "Ricky" Ambriz continues to quietly shake the foundations of UCSD, with administrators in a behind-the-scenes struggle over the fate of the Sun God Festival, ...

San Diego #21 in the smarts department

Not exactly an intellectual hub and not quite Beaumont

Of 150 metro areas, San Diego is 21st as an intellectual hub, according to WalletHub, which gathers statistics on metro areas and states. The key criteria for each metro area are highest percentage of high ...

Not a lie: minimum-wage ordinance is law

Officials publicize signature-gathering liars — Mayor Faulconer absent

Local and state legislators gathered downtown on Monday morning, September 15, to demand an investigation from county district attorney Bonnie Dumanis and/or California district attorney Kamala Harris into alleged misconduct by paid signature-gatherers seeking to ...

Chief of staff at CPUC resigns

And Peevey bows out of San Bruno decision

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) announced today, September 15, that it had taken several measures to deal with what it called "inappropriate email exchanges" between the commission and the utilities. Those emails, unearthed in ...

Pistol-packing housewife

“She couldn’t take it anymore.”

Julie Harper killed her husband Jason with a two-shot derringer that her father had given her for self-protection when she was going to college in the 1990s, according to her attorney who spoke to jurors ...

A congresswoman’s wartime vacation

Susan Davis’s strife-torn globetrotting funded by Israelis and special interests

San Diego Democrat Susan Davis, traditionally the county's top junketeering member of Congress, has not disappointed this summer. In the past, the Kensington resident has been off to Vienna, Tokyo, Barcelona, Canada's Whistler Resort in ...

City attorney Goldsmith: "I apologize"

"Miscommunication" allegedly led to lawsuit over unreleased emails

How important is California's Public Records Act to city attorney Jan Goldsmith? Not very. Goldsmith said as much during a September 12 court hearing in the case over his refusal to turn over emails that ...

Lead candy web page launch

Environmental Health Coalition seeks to cut down brain-damage danger

The Environmental Health Coalition, a local advocacy group most recently involved in the unsuccessful attempt to implement a community plan update in Barrio Logan and a push to improve transit options in SANDAG's plan to ...

The warmonger Obama

Local veterans protest expansion of Middle East campaign

A handful of military veterans congregated along the Sixth Avenue overpass of Interstate 5 during the afternoon rush hour on Thursday, September 11, to express their dismay over president Barack Obama's September 10 statement of ...

Del Mar’s super brew of politics

Jerry Brown appointee recuses himself from fair-board brewpub vote

“If one vice doesn't work, try another” appears to be the motto of the Del Mar fair board, the gubernatorially appointed body that runs the state's 22nd District Agricultural Association. After years of dismal financial ...

Signature gatherer

Keith Solar Lincoln Club video

Aguirre confronted by CHP

May 14 meeting

"I'm not here to answer your goddamn question…"

CPUC meeting, January 8, 2013

"SF CPUC Judge [Darling] Goes Off & Out of Control…"

Lincoln Club video

"Member of the Week"

Audio of Leitner's tantrum

Audio of Leitner's tantrum

Faulconer party

Behind the Kitchen Door promo

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