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Trouble at TriCity hospital, nurse testifies

“They are not in a position to raise the capital. They just aren’t.”

When Fallbrook Hospital closed in December, it was kind of an “I-told-you-so” moment for Nathan Kaufman, a San Diego–based expert who has a 35-year career consulting over 80 hospital districts nationwide. Of Fallbrook’s demise, Kaufman ...

Old lifeguards and low funds imperil beach safety

Too white and overly male, auditor says about San Diego's aging water rescuers

About 40 percent of the City of San Diego's Lifeguard Services’ full-time lifeguards will be eligible to retire within the next five years, which is both good and bad, according to city auditors. The departure ...

No! to NAFTA on steroids

Environmentalists attempt to reach congressman Scott Peters

A crowd of about 50 protesters gathered in La Jolla on Wednesday afternoon (May 27) to catch the ear of congressman Scott Peters. The group simultaneously called Peters "a champion for environmental justice" while decrying ...

Oh, no — the judge looks like the accused

Defense attorney asks for suspension of Christopher Lee murder trial

The murder case against Christopher Brandon Lee was suspended at a hearing in a San Bernardino County courthouse today, May 26. Defense attorney David Kaloyanides had petitioned an appeals court four weeks ago, on April ...

Tased into submission and amputations

Sheriff and deputies sued for excessive force, causing brain damage

Attorneys for a man who suffered permanent brain damage after being repeatedly stunned by a sheriff deputy's taser are suing the County of San Diego, two deputies, and sheriff William Gore for failing to properly ...

As we whistle past the graveyard...

Union-Tribune employees got layoff announcements today

As expected, today (May 26) was the Union-Tribune's layoff announcement date. According to whispers among employees at the company, 179 employees got a layoff notice, but that is not confirmed. I could not get a ...

UCSD's $100,000 National Geographic adventure

Tax-funded university helps pay for Fox channel's SeaWorld hype, but not foreign junkets

How much does it cost to get a lengthy plug on the National Geographic Channel, a partner of Rupert Murdoch's international media empire? In the case of the University of California, San Diego, it was ...

Union-Tribune’s new master claims his due

Publisher got $1.2 million for last year's four and a half months in L.A. Times spot

The nation’s daily newspapers are having a rough financial time of it. At least some of their executives, on the other hand, aren't doing so badly. Among them is Austin M. Beutner, the former Wall ...

Power company's Darling

Utilities commission judge and Edison had cozy relationship

A new batch of emails released Friday, May 22, in the California Public Utilities Commission probe show snug and questionable relationships between an administrative law judge and Southern California Edison. The role of Michael Peevey, ...

Better read than dead

U-T layoff plans supposed to be announced Tuesday

On Tuesday, May 26, the new ownership of the U-T is expected to announce layoff plans. The press room will certainly be wiped away, as Douglas Manchester will retain the Mission Valley building and the ...

Carlsbad fires, May 14, 2014

Mount Taylor

Darrell Issa's pedicab ride

CNN video

Office of Secure Transportation video

The Ariel Atom

Fernandez tribute

RIP John Paul Fernandez, 1994-2011

Signature gatherer

Keith Solar Lincoln Club video

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