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Sun God kills, baby

Autopsy on student’s overdose death adds to UCSD drug woes

The post-mortem on a UCSD computer-science student who died hours after this year's controversial Sun God festival has finally been released, confirming widely held suspicions that an illicit drug was responsible for the fatality and ...

Collection-call nightmare

Cancer patient sues Kaiser, alleges harassment

A San Diego man is pursuing two lawsuits against healthcare giant Kaiser, claiming that his first suit alleging harassment and violation of state debt collection law wasn't enough to keep the organization's collectors at bay. ...

Bitter split at San Diego Opera

Former president says she will neither donate nor attend

The arts section of today's (September 1) New York Times has a generally bullish story on the attempted turnaround of the San Diego Opera. The headline tells the story: "Amid Choruses of Despair, an Aria ...

Poll: San Diegans don't want to subsidize stadium

Even the U-T runs a tiny, buried blurb on the countywide survey

On August 26, Solana Beach–based (W)right On Communications, a public relations firm, announced results of a poll of 375 county residents: 63 percent of county residents would oppose the City of San Diego funding construction ...

Romney's La Jolla teardown not priceless

Lobbying expenses for Dunemere project at least $62,000

Presumably they've got Labor Day off, but demolition and construction crews along a certain well-heeled street in La Jolla have lately been as busy as the inhabitants of the symbolic Mormon beehive. As noted last ...

La Jollans allegedly caught with phony checks

Authorities say they caught the couple in Lake Arrowhead

According to the Alpenhorn News, La Jollan Michael John Baron and his wife, Sharon McCall-Baron, have been charged with manufacturing phony checks, using a computer and software program. The newspaper heard from a sheriff's department ...

Thanks, mule

San Diego woman rescued in Mono County

At 2:45 p.m., on August 26, the Mono County Sheriff’s Department received a call that a 77-year-old San Diego woman became quite ill and was unable to continue with her hiking group. She reportedly had ...

Palomar Mountain Marijuana Co. goes bust

Real estate agent falsely reports girlfriend's income as $420K/year

Marco Luis and Joshua Hester were longtime friends and business partners. "As a real estate agent, Luis had the know-how. As a career marijuana dealer, Hester had the cash," notes a decision from the Ninth ...

Warning and message from deportees

Settlement could allow voluntary returnees a second chance at American life

The federal Department of Homeland Security has agreed, as a result of a settlement announced in San Diego courts this week, to inform undocumented immigrants of the consequences of voluntarily submitting to deportation. The news ...

Hope for the little people

Has CPUC given up on $3.3 billion ripoff?

At a meeting on September 11, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) was expected to take up the so-called "settlement" by which ratepayers of Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric were to ...

Keith Solar Lincoln Club video

Aguirre confronted by CHP

May 14 meeting

"I'm not here to answer your goddamn question…"

CPUC meeting, January 8, 2013

"SF CPUC Judge [Darling] Goes Off & Out of Control…"

Lincoln Club video

"Member of the Week"

Audio of Leitner's tantrum

Audio of Leitner's tantrum

Faulconer party

Behind the Kitchen Door promo

Do you eat ethically?

Encinitas tree-light stringing

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