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Babewatch is over, SD

Female lifeguard is sues city for discrimination

The lawsuit, filed on February 9 by lifeguard Amanda Scarski, accuses the city of refusing to promote her from a seasonal to a full-time position due to her gender. The suit was filed nearly one ...

Local lawyers speak on Scalia's death

"He was an extremist on torture and concentrated wealth," says one

Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia has died, and commentators believe the Senate battle over his replacement may dominate the presidential race. Scalia was a bedrock conservative, who believed that a constitutional question should be determined ...

Border Patrol outfit isn't counting its shekels

The soggy cost of Special Operations Group's Israeli super-robots

An elite U.S. Border Patrol unit that has played a role in the robotic detection of drug-smuggling tunnels from Tijuana into San Diego has been hit with a critical audit by the Department of Homeland ...

Suit charges Bridgepoint cooked books

Company did admit that internal controls weak

A former executive charged in federal court February 9 that Bridgepoint Education, the troubled for-profit, mainly online college, fired him when he pointed out that the company falsified its financial reports by inaccurately projecting the ...

Window dressing on Truax House...meh

Critic unimpressed with Councilman Gloria's decision on historic house

Despite numerous objections from Uptown residents, open-space advocates, and historic preservationists, a city-council committee on February 10 supported a proposal to sell two properties abutting Maple Canyon in Bankers Hill. One of the houses, built ...

Families dropped from Vargas blowout fundraiser invite

Torrey Pines golf weekend offers Washington lobbyists drinks and spa option

It's time again for South Bay congressman Juan Vargas to throw his annual winter Torrey Pines Golf Weekend, offering a host of well-heeled capitol lobbyists a chance to break away from the Washington grind for ...

Utilities commission "violence" unacceptable

Emails between governor and state agency must be released

San Francisco Superior Court judge Ernest H. Goldsmith decreed February 9 that emails between the office of governor Jerry Brown and the California Public Utilities Commission must be made public. San Diego attorneys Maria Severson ...

Political slime haunts Chargers' new point man

$1 billion subsidized stadium riding on anti-DeMaio opposition research king

Yet another chapter in the byzantine history of the wandering football team known as the Chargers has begun with the recruitment by Dean Spanos of Fred Maas to come up with a taxpayer-subsidized scheme for ...

Dean Spanos's new hired hand

Fred Maas has specialized in downtown corporate welfare

The Chargers announced yesterday afternoon (February 8) that Fred Maas, a specialist in steering public money into private real estate ventures, has been named a special advisor to the team's chief executive, Dean Spanos, who ...

Wrecking ball to swing past Truax House?

Airtight protections for historic residence/hospice sought

During a February 10 meeting, San Diego city councilmembers on the Smart Growth and Land Use Committee will hear a proposal to sell two city-owned properties in Bankers Hill, one of which housed a former ...

The making of Indecline's Trump mural

The making of Indecline's Trump mural

Chokehold video

Fletcher ad

"Scott Peters puts us at risk" spot

Liang, the Chun Kun Lady

Anti-treaty with Iran ad

John Oliver on stadium lunacy

Carlsbad fires, May 14, 2014

Mount Taylor

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