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UCSD ophthalmology dept. chief accused of bullying and more in lawsuit

It looks like federal court will be hearing a case centered around harassment charges at the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of California San Diego. This month, Leah Levi, M.D., professor emerita in the ...

Because we're a healthy lot

Local healthcare jobs lower than other metro areas, percentage-wise

San Diego's healthcare services sector employed 121,510 people and contributed $17.2 billion to the regional economy in 2012, according to a new study by the National University System Institute for Policy Research. The healthcare sector ...

DeMaio's foe backed by big spending biotech lobby

French lobbying contest winner’s employer hails "elected official of the year”

Not many familiar with San Diego politics and the torrents of lobbying dollars that pour into the local and national political system each year would be surprised at this week's news conference to announce San ...

Wall Street probably expected worse

Market laughs off new for-profit college rules

The United States Department of Education today (October 30) is coming out with stricter regulations that will hit for-profit colleges. Beginning July 1 of next year, for-profit colleges will be at risk of losing federal ...

Warm weather or not, Coleman can't cool controversy

Retired forecaster reiterates opinion on global warming for Fox News

Two days after retired KUSI weatherman John Coleman told Fox News that global warming "science is not valid," the Weather Channel issued a statement on October 29 that global warming is real. "The climate of ...

Solana Beach horror story continues

Bryan Chang did things too gruesome to include in a headline (warning)

In the second week of a sanity trial for admitted murderer Bryan Chang, 33, jurors heard testimony from the doctor who performed the autopsy on his mother, a computer expert who gathered email evidence, and ...

Do you plead the 5th, Sheriff Gore?

Lawsuit seeks to restore Facebook comment pertaining to Ruby Ridge

The shooting of an unarmed woman holding her baby in Ruby Ridge, Idaho, in 1992 continues to follow San Diego County sheriff Bill Gore around and that goes for social media sites. Gore, according to ...

Greenhouse gas plan inadequate

Appellate court agrees with Sierra Club's assessment

In April of 2013, Superior Court judge Timothy Taylor, agreeing with the Sierra Club, ruled that San Diego County's climate action plan violated state law by not taking climate pollution sufficiently into account in its ...

Cop’s family moonlighting has watchdog's okay

Harbor policeman can work for wife's government contracting outfit

More questions involving relatives and conflict of interest have arisen at the San Diego Unified Port District, but attorneys for the state's political watchdog, asked for their opinion by port lawyer William McMinn, say the ...

Check the kids’ bags for boo

Sheriff’s Halloween pot-candy warning suggests nefarious plans afoot

Razor blades in apples and poisoned popcorn have fallen by the wayside as primary concerns for parents monitoring their children's goodie bags on Halloween. Instead, according to a warning issued by the San Diego sheriff's ...

Signature gatherer

Keith Solar Lincoln Club video

Aguirre confronted by CHP

May 14 meeting

"I'm not here to answer your goddamn question…"

CPUC meeting, January 8, 2013

"SF CPUC Judge [Darling] Goes Off & Out of Control…"

Lincoln Club video

"Member of the Week"

Audio of Leitner's tantrum

Audio of Leitner's tantrum

Faulconer party

Behind the Kitchen Door promo

Do you eat ethically?

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