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Oceanside Pier rehab

El Niño or not, rusted-out underside crossbeams need replacement

Perhaps in preparation for this year’s predicted El Niño weather pattern and its accompanying big waves and high tides, the Oceanside Pier is getting some extra support. Construction crews will be under the pier for ...

Homeless camp cleanup downtown

"It's not a cold and callous operation. We put up notices three days in advance"

Caltrans and the California Highway Patrol cleared homeless camps around the Highway 94 off-ramps and I-5 overpasses next to downtown on Friday morning, September 4. Around morning rush hour, homeless people gathered downhill from the ...

Earth movement broadcasts at Fault Line Park

Listen to shifting tectonic plates in the shadow of 46-story structures

On Friday, August 28, Fault Line Park officially opened on Island Avenue in East Village. The park spreads over 1.3 acres between 14th and 15th streets. It is the first public park to be established ...

Mission Beach to wait longer for new lifeguard tower

Judge gets a whiff of changed plans and expired permits, halts project

Construction on a new lifeguard tower near the jetty in South Mission Beach must stop until a judge can look into why the city waited nine years after the permit was issued and three years ...

La Mesa Village's Cosmos...closed. Yelp!

Coffee shop (and much more) seems a casualty of sidewalk improvements

Not a good start to the week for early risers or musicians: on Monday morning, September 1, the regulars at Cosmos Coffee Café in La Mesa arrived to find locked doors and a hand-chalked sign ...

Baja's/Tijuana's mortgage crisis

Hundreds of thousands of abandoned homes called a "social tragedy"

An estimated 362,000 homes in Baja California have been abandoned by their owners and another 60,000 are at risk of abandonment, according to the national director of El Barzón, a Mexico nonprofit founded to assist ...

More marine-life protection from people like you

"...but surfers and water people are very environmentally conscious.”

For decades, kids and families have made recreational use of the front channel of San Elijo Lagoon’s mouth, between Coast Highway 101 and the railroad tracks, south to behind Restaurant Row. It’s less crowded than ...

The non-greedy developer of Southern California

Fruit from grapefruit groves in Temecula pays homeowners' fees

When Matt Fleming purchased 120 acres in Temecula’s wine country five years ago, the land was a dying grapefruit orchard that he envisioned would someday become a community of million-dollar homes. But the real estate ...

Coronado councilman aims to “de-sign” town

“How we get directions has really changed since 2003.”

In response to the Coronado City Council’s approval of a $475,000 “wayfinding” program, councilman Richard Bailey has launched his own counter-initiative: a sign-reduction program to reduce unnecessary signage throughout the community. On June 16, the ...

Skateboard consumerism is not a crime

Black Friday for the skater set in Carlsbad lures campers

Saturday, August 29, was like Black Friday to the San Diego skateboarding world, as hundreds of teenagers lined up for hours for the annual Kayo sale. Kayo is the distributor of some of the industry’s ...

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