Musician Interviews

Heartache at 100bpm

“We try to honor traditional styles, but I’m not from the 1920s — I grew up playing punk rock and skateboarding.”

With roots music on the rise, it’s a prime time for Wish & the Well to be prepping their debut album for release. The Oceanside-based five-piece fronted by singer/songwriter/guitarist Corey Leal is finishing up mixing ...

Now you know: The Lulls

...the calm after the storm of Ed Ghost Tucker

"Our music is something like surf rock meets shoegaze, but there’s a lot more to it than that,” says singer/guitarist Rutger Rosenborg of the Lulls. “It’s a little post-punky and ambient, but it also has ...

It's not Ben, it's you

Ashen Earth drummer Ben Wilson comes clean: “I was a philosophy major in college and I am a huge nerd.”

Inspired by Swedish and Polish death metal, Ashen Earth founders Jeff Meredith (vocals) and David Cox (guitar) have taken their fascination with bands like Bloodbath and Decapitated and matched it with the prog leanings of ...

Ms. Moz

Tijuana No's Ceci Bastida reimagines Morrissey

Ceci Bastida fronted ska-punk band Tijuana No, considered by many to be Tijuana’s most successful band. Between 1989 and 2000 Tijuana No toured the U.S. and Mexico and released three albums, spearheading Tijuana’s thriving ska ...

Add some Phantoms to your day

Local quartet will punk-up ’70s-inspired glam rock at Casbah's Anti-Monday

Victor Penalosa has played multiple instruments in a number of area bands, with a partial list including the Burrito Brothers, the Melanies, Sidewalk Scene, Riot Act, Unruly Bangs, Baja Bugs, Got it Covered, ADD/C, the ...

Poison Headache's feel-good Phil

“I can appreciate daddy long legs because they kill bigger and worse spiders, so we’re cool.”

"It’s aggressive and energetic music,” says Wovenwar’s Phil Sgrosso of his new side band Poison Headache. “Something your parents would think is total crap, but that’s sort of the point.” The busy singer/guitarist/bassist has had ...

Ypsitucky — goes with everything but hip-hop and reggae

El Monte Slim finds a fiddle, a new name, and a new twang

‘We came together while playing in El Monte Slim, and when that was put on hold almost two years ago, we just decided to keep it going with Heather Vorwerck on fiddle full-time,” says Ypsitucky ...

Gary Wilson's flour power

Still catchy, still creepy, still obsessive, still (mostly) masked...

Still catchy, still creepy, still obsessive, still (mostly) masked, still rocking the white-framed cat’s-eye sunglasses he’s favored for decades, longtime San Diego resident Gary Wilson has a new album out, Friday Night with Gary Wilson, ...

Dark-rock duo Blood Ponies tracking that fuzz all over town

Feral ponies

"Our music is dark, heavy post-punk, made by two people who make a surprising amount of noise," says Jeff Terich, who partners with Candice Renee in Blood Ponies. “It sounds best at night when our ...

The uncontrollable Dani Bell

Ms. Bell talks tarantism and being part of the Redwoods collective

Tarantism is “a psychological illness characterized by an extreme impulse to dance, prevalent in southern Italy from the 15th to the 17th Century, and widely believed at the time to have been caused by the ...

"I Wanna Be Where the Boys Are"

Roni Lee performs her gold-record song live at 4th&B

"Jesus Was a Vato" of Mr. Tube's debut, Listen Up

"Don't Stop" Slightly Stoopid

"Get Out" Cardiac Kidz

"Sittin' Around in a Restless Dream" San Diego psych-rockers Sacri Monti

"As One," Odessa Kane

Reclaiming the Community album promo. The record is due to drop Tuesday, July 28.

"Gone Daddy Gone"

Violent Femmes' official video

Acid Varsity

Live acid music events in San Diego

Pushin' Too Hard

Theatrical trailer

Ticket to Write

Theatrical trailer

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