Literary and Spiritual Excerpts

God, why has thou forsaken me?

From “on Psalm 51”

Think, O my soul, who it is that cryeth my God, my God, why has thou forsaken me? He to whom the eternal father said, this is my well beloved son in whom I am ...

The King has his being always and eternally

From “The Conference of the Birds” by Farid Attar

When, at a propitious moment, the door suddenly opened, there stepped out a noble Chamberlain, one of the courtiers of the Supreme Majesty. He looked them over and saw that out of thousands, only these ...

He who puts his lips to it would wish them never to be removed

From “Travels” by Ibn Jubayr

The blessed Black Stone is encased in the corner [of the Kabah] facing east. The depth to which it penetrates it is not known, but it is said to extend two cubits into the wall. ...

When I used to enter the Aqsa Mosque

Whenever I visited Jerusalem I always entered the Aqsa Mosque, beside which stood a small mosque which the Franks had converted into a church. When I used to enter the Asqa Mosque…the Templars would evacuate ...

This agent could not be perceived by any of the senses

From Alive, Son of Awake

If the world would be produced anew, it must needs have a producer or creator; and if so, why did this creator create the world now and not before? Was it because some motive supervened ...

They rectified heretical innovation

From Deliverance from Error, by Al-Ghazzali

Now God sent to His servants by the mouth of His messenger, in the Koran and traditions, a creed which is the truth and whose contents are the basis of man’s welfare in both religious ...

What enters with difficulty goes not out easily

From "The Dove's Necklace" by Ibn Hazm

Some men there are whose love becomes true only after long converse, much contemplation, and extended familiarity. Such a one is likely to persist and to be steadfast in his affection, untouched by the passage ...

My religion now is Love alone

From the poems of Al-Maarri

Tread lightly, for a thousand hearts unseen Might now be breathing in this misty green; Here are the herbs that once were pretty cheeks, Here the remains of those that once have been. Afearing whom ...

From The Book of Kings

"That if he walked upon a rock his feet / Would sink therein."

The tale is told that Rustam had at first Such strength bestowed by Him who giveth all That if he walked upon a rock his feet Would sink therein. Such puissance as that Proved an ...

Follow what is of God, but leave alone what is not of God

From A Study of the Ideology of the Sufis

Abu Bakr al-Kalabadhi I have heard Abu l-Hasan Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Farisi say: “The elements of Sufism are ten in number. The first is the isolation of unification; the second is the understanding of audition; ...

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