Literary and Spiritual Excerpts

Without freedom the soul dies

Freedom is a need of the soul, and nothing else. It is in striving toward God that the soul strives continually after a condition of freedom. God alone is the inciter and guarantor of freedom. ...

All do rejoice there in God

From A Treatise of Penance with an Explication of the Rule and Manner of Living of the Brethren and Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis

From The English Works of Raja Rammohun Roy

Before “A Christian” indulged in a tirade about persons being “degraded by Asiatic effeminacy,” he should have recollected that almost all the ancient prophets and patriarchs venerated by Christians, nay even Jesus Christ himself, a ...

I shall not sink into the well of poison

No more shall I wander and live amid error. I have rested all upon the Feet that banish fear, and with fear I shall not shake again. Weighted no more with the worldly passions that ...

Obituary address for Daniel Webster

And beyond all this [Daniel Webster] died in the faith of the Christian — humble, but hopeful — adding another to the long list of eminent men who have searched the Gospel of Jesus Christ, ...

Invited by our good angel

The hour of meditation being come, we may imagine ourselves to be invited by our good angel or by some other saints to whom we are particularly devoted, to appear in the presence of God. ...

How shall there be a dawn of wisdom for him?

From Ramacaritmanas, by Tulsidas

Ramacaritmanas Rama is the Sun, the true Being, Consciousness, Bliss; him the night of Delusion touches not. He is the Fundamental Light, the Adorable: how shall there be a dawn of wisdom for him? Happiness ...

Which knowledge is the highest of all?

From A Bhakti Shorter Catechism

Question: Which knowledge is the highest of all? Answer: There is no knowledge but devotion to Krishna. Q: What is the highest glory in all types of glory? A: Being reputed to be Krishna’s devotee. ...

Consider and lay this truth to heart

From “The Living Dead” by Dadu Dayal

From “The Living Dead” Have done with pride and arrogance, conceit, envy, self-assertion; Practice humility, obedience; worship the Creator. When a man has abandoned false pride, arrogance, and vainglory, When he has become humble and ...

Espoused syncretism

“On God,” by Kabir

On God “Thou art That” is the preaching of the Upanishads; that is their message. Great is their reliance upon this; but how can they, however mighty, describe Him? Pandit, your thoughts are all untrue; ...

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