Literary and Spiritual Excerpts

I am come hither to die

From “The Last Speech and Confession of Mr. John Southworth, a Popish Priest at his Execution at Tyburn June 28, 1654”

I am come hither to die, and would willingly speak something…I am a Lancashire man and am brought hither to die not for any crime I have committed against the laws, but for being a ...

So his steps might be steady and bold ones

From Discourse Concerning Infallibility in Religion

...upon consideration of the difficulty, or rather impossibility, for mankind to arrive to the assured knowledge of those paths which are necessary for him to walk in to bring him to beatitude, that so his ...

Consideration of dust is an excellent remedy to cure vice

From a meditation on Ash Wednesday in “Entertainments for Lent”

This consideration of dust is an excellent remedy to cure vice and an assured rampart against temptation. St. Paulinus saith excellently well, that holy Job was free from all temptations when he was placed upon ...

Help, lord, my hope increase

From “The Hymn of St. Thomas the Apostle”

O let thy wretch find that relief Thou didst afford the faithful thief. Please for me, love! Allege and show That faith has farther, here, to go And less to lean on. Because then Though ...

Little and little, the soul in prayer quits discoursing

From Sancta Sophia

Now when by means of such exercises the soul is become well eased from remorse and begins to be moved to the resistance and hatred of sin by the love of God rather than fear ...

Thou hast given me all things that I should give thee myself

…8. Though O merciful God has preserved him by thy providence who hath thought of no other thing, but how to violate thy commandments, and to set up the kingdom of sin against thee. 9. ...

God, why has thou forsaken me?

From “on Psalm 51”

Think, O my soul, who it is that cryeth my God, my God, why has thou forsaken me? He to whom the eternal father said, this is my well beloved son in whom I am ...

The King has his being always and eternally

From “The Conference of the Birds” by Farid Attar

When, at a propitious moment, the door suddenly opened, there stepped out a noble Chamberlain, one of the courtiers of the Supreme Majesty. He looked them over and saw that out of thousands, only these ...

He who puts his lips to it would wish them never to be removed

From “Travels” by Ibn Jubayr

The blessed Black Stone is encased in the corner [of the Kabah] facing east. The depth to which it penetrates it is not known, but it is said to extend two cubits into the wall. ...

When I used to enter the Aqsa Mosque

Whenever I visited Jerusalem I always entered the Aqsa Mosque, beside which stood a small mosque which the Franks had converted into a church. When I used to enter the Asqa Mosque…the Templars would evacuate ...

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