This week's mailbag

Beach Butts I saw your article about beach cleanups, and that the biggest culprit was cigarette butts in the sand. That’s nothing. I lived in Kona for 20 years. The beaches are filled with thousands ...

Contents of the Reader: Discuss

Not sure if your article was placed to generate letters to the editor or to remind me to take my blood pressure medicine.

The Fries Alone Overall, I enjoyed the article, “Burgers” (September 15 cover story). But, wow, a list of the burgers of San Diego and no mention of Canada Steakburger in lovely City Heights? It’s worth ...

A variety of letters to the editor

"You gave great prominence to some patently retrogressive ideas."

Catering to Nitwits At last, the Reader published an article that has historical and geopolitical importance — the 9/11 article by H.G. Reza. It seems hard to believe that the Reader continues to cater to ...

Letters about bike lanes continue to roll in

"Our mayor drives the largest SUV manufactured, a Ford Excursion."

Tens Would Suffer Your crossword is a little messed up this week. I know crosswords are getting meta-tricky, but really? It looks like they didn’t quite finish, and you just went ahead and printed it. ...

Arguments for and against pro-cycling measures

Cycling supporters envision a future where bike transportation will be commonplace.

Mere Diatribe I was very disappointed in Moss Gropen’s article “Stop the Irrational Bike Bias.” Regardless of one’s views on the subject, readers would like to see balance and serious analysis. This entire article read ...

Exclamation points and question marks

Reader feedback

Doesn’t Take a Genius I think I can solve two issues raised in the last Reader. First, Mr. Rynearson of La Jolla is upset that he can’t obtain a liquor permit for their annual block ...

Outrage over Gypsyfest

"You can’t use a word that belongs to us."

From Plane to Powder In response to “Why Aren’t There Any Plane Parts?”, the answer is because the plane was flown into the Pentagon at over 600 miles per hour. I was in naval aviation ...

9/11 Pentagon theories abound

Loads of letters on our July 28 cover story

Retraction Inquiry Regarding your retraction in the August 4 issue of the story of the July 28 Neighborhood News story, “Tasting Rooms, Breweries Blamed for Problems.” If you’re retracting that the “400 percent increase in ...

Objections to last week's cover story

9/11 consipracy theories abound

Retraction The July 28 Neighborhood News column included an article (“Tasting Rooms, Breweries Blamed for Problems”) that misinterpreted last year’s data and erroneously concluded that a 400-percent increase in alcohol-related crime in Ocean Beach was ...

Everybody's lives matter

Including bluefins'

If Only It is a shame that a good citizen like Rachel was “forced” to leave California, mainly because of our pathetic laws. After reading her story, it frustrates the hell out of me that ...

Cosplay Curious

Chatter Box edition

Voicemails received at the Letters to the Editor extension. To leave your own audio letter, call 619-235-3000, x460.


Voice mail to the editor concerning Shadow Mountain Church in Hillcrest.


Audio version of letter to the editor, "Oxymoronic," by Saul Harmon Gritz

In Response

Jackass Journalism

Letter to the editor voicemails received at the San Diego Reader.

Letters to the Editor premiere audio episode!

Voicemails received between March 26 and April 1, 2014. To leave your own voicemail about the Reader, call 619-235-3000, x460.

COPS Training video

This video explains the Snapshot Protocol, a procedure which can be deployed in any CA county and in many states. This seminar was conducted in San Diego on Oct 12, 2014 in preparation for the November 2014 election cycle.

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