Dear Mr. Smiechowski

In response to last week's letter...

San Diego’s Most Expensive Property The historic Melrose Ranch property on the market for $28 million (has an Escondido mailing address but is actually in Valley Center. In the 1930s, this was the single most ...

At issue with the issues

Reader feedback

The Reader’s Anti-Chargers Agenda Recently you published a cartoon alluding to the Chargers having never cared about Junior Seau (Obermeyer, May 5). And now they build support for their new stadium using his memory. As ...

Life in a tourist town

Readers reflect

How Am I a Tourist? Re: City Lights, April 28: “Convention Centers Lose Bundles of Money” I’d like somebody to look into the legality of this hotel tax. It sounds like George Bush’s trickle-down economics, ...

Still waiting on that call from Selena Gomez

Correction Subsequent to publication, Eric Petosky, public information officer for the California Gambling Control Commission, provided a correction to an April 21 Neighborhood News story (“Palomar Card Club License Permanently Revoked”): “Both the cardroom and ...

Avocados, Ron Roberts, and religion spur letters

Importing What We Wouldn’t Grow Related to Don Bauder’s article in the April 14 Reader, (City Lights: “Avocado Prices Plunging”), it makes me wonder if the chemicals that we decided we don’t want to use ...

We get what we deserve

Letters from readers

Correction Regarding the article in the movie section, “Cemetery of Kings.” The article mentions the filmmaker as being Taiwanese when, in fact, he is Thai — from Thailand. Name withheld via voicemail May Seem Trivial ...

Assessing the three farces

More opinions on the presidential candidates

Product of Affirmative Action Stealing jobs from qualified white men is part of the system. H-1B is only a small addition (City Lights, March 31, “Engineers Get Axed, Then Train Foreign Replacements”) In 1959, the ...

One big farce

Readers weigh in on the presidential candidates

Bernie as Moe Thank you for highlighting the absurdity of the 2016 Presidential follies. Instead of voters casting ballots for the candidates, Hollywood should be casting them in a Three Stooges movie with Bernie Sanders ...

Letters about stories and letters

North Should Be on Top Re: “Big Beer Invades East Village” Sprawled across pages 18 and 19 is a good picture that shows all sorts of detail, but the way you have it shown is ...

Letters: Misinformation, redundancy, and regret

Helping a Trivial Number Re: News Ticker, “Take a Hike, Bikers” The attempt by Little Italy’s Business Improvement District to preserve parking spaces rather than allocate street space for bike lanes through the heart of ...

Cosplay Curious

Chatter Box edition

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Voice mail to the editor concerning Shadow Mountain Church in Hillcrest.


Audio version of letter to the editor, "Oxymoronic," by Saul Harmon Gritz

In Response

Jackass Journalism

Letter to the editor voicemails received at the San Diego Reader.

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COPS Training video

This video explains the Snapshot Protocol, a procedure which can be deployed in any CA county and in many states. This seminar was conducted in San Diego on Oct 12, 2014 in preparation for the November 2014 election cycle.

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