An Amazing Tool Called Google Regarding your cover story about the bus driver Gamal Mohamed Hamouda running over the cyclists and committing vehicular manslaughter against rider Udo Heinz that left his wife a widow and ...


Irked to No End Recently, there has been commentary regarding the decreased wait time at the San Ysidro Land Port of Entry (Neighborhood News: “Shorter Waits at the Border”). I applaud the renovation, but the ...

Letters to the editor

Great Times at Bali Hai I loved your story on the history of Bali Hai (“Tiki Said to Hell with It. Let’s Party,” October 23 cover story). I remember seeing Arthur Lyman there around 1960. ...

Taking pen to paper

Ripping — in All Its Forms I just wanted to compliment you guys on this article on the Bali Hai (“Tiki Said to Hell with It. Let’s Party,” October 23 cover story). Excellent article! What ...

Sharing is caring

Lack of Smell The situation regarding the intervention at Valley View Ranch was, among other things, a waste of resources and emotion. PETA and the Humane Society both do an amazing amount of good in ...

Reader feedback

Stop and Look Up Re: “Terminal Art,” October 9 cover story. I very much like the new art in the terminal at Lindbergh Field. I saw the ribbon of the light titled The Journey this ...

Letters to the editor

A Little Diversity Re: “Beach Blanket Banter,” October 5 cover story. The story was somewhat interesting, but as I continued reading I was hoping to come across a segment that involved kids from more urban ...

Less tact than the memes themselves

Show Me the Data Your article on stadium and convention center lies (City Lights: “Stadium, Convention Center Lies You Will Hear") is no better than the propaganda we hear from the white-elephant convention-center advocates and ...

A nation of bosses

It was refreshing to read the story about High Tech High preparing its students for life, but not for college. It seems most of our traditional high schools are extremely focused on sending students to ...

The Reader under review

Sharing Is Good I noticed in the September 11 issue that there is a letter titled “You Really Suck.” Looks like a guy named Mark from La Mesa wrote it. I disagree. I think the ...

Cosplay Curious

Chatter Box edition

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Voice mail to the editor concerning Shadow Mountain Church in Hillcrest.


Audio version of letter to the editor, "Oxymoronic," by Saul Harmon Gritz

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Jackass Journalism

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