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RIYL Great selection for last week’s Rhyme and Verse, Rudyard Kipling’s “If” (April 16). Because of San Diego’s military presence, I strongly recommend one of his other poems, “The Thousandth Man.” I did not know ...

"This is a newspaper, not a low-level grammar class."

New Respect The article about San Diego lobster fisherman by Siobhan Braun (“99% of What We Catch We Throw Back”), was enjoyed by everyone at our house. The author gave a fascinating insight into the ...

"This is the second time I've had to call you people."

Return of the Preventative Police

Dangerous Situation I have a concern about your April 2 cover photo. You might notify your grinning, overfed cover dude, along with the staging photographers, that bicycle-riding on a walkway is unlawful. Two-hundred pounds of ...

That includes you, Reader!

Mellon’s Hand The article (News Ticker: “Blame Reagan, Bush Jr, Obama…and Andrew Mellon”) said that “Laffer lauds tax policies of Andrew T. Mellon,” but did not specify Mellon’s hand in transforming a voluntary excise on ...

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Already Frightening One Paseo has been bitterly opposed by many in Del Mar, Carmel Valley, and Solana Beach for a few years. While a small amount of funding and support has come from Donahue Schreiber, ...

What do you say?

Serendipitous I just finished reading Tam Hoang’s article on his experience of growing up American while being Vietnamese. What an interesting perspective — great descriptions of his feelings and the contradictions he faced in trying ...

Let this be a learning experience

"Every time something like this comes up, one of us will call you."

Juiced Re: Regarding the Chargers and the NFL (News Ticker, “Tale of Two Sleazes”) Capitalism on steroids is now overwhelming this professional sport. Everyone should read March 5’s News of the Weird, the lead story ...

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The American Fighting Man I picked up the Reader as I was on my way to the VA hospital in La Jolla, and I read the miserable nonsense of Mr. Josh Champlin (“Shane Held a ...

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Famosa Memories The Roam-o-Rama you have in the February 18 issue about Famosa Slough is very interesting. I used to play there as a 12-year-old boy with my 10-year-old brother and my 7-year-old brother, and ...

Not everyone wants to do everything online these days

Pun-upping Re: Diary of a Diva, “GroundFrog Day,” February 12 — Shouldn’t it have been: “that she croakcheted the night before”? ;-) W. Kang Austin, Texas Stop for a Cold One Kudos to Els Hekkenberg ...

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Voicemails received at the Letters to the Editor extension. To leave your own audio letter, call 619-235-3000, x460.


Voice mail to the editor concerning Shadow Mountain Church in Hillcrest.


Audio version of letter to the editor, "Oxymoronic," by Saul Harmon Gritz

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Letter to the editor voicemails received at the San Diego Reader.

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Voicemails received between March 26 and April 1, 2014. To leave your own voicemail about the Reader, call 619-235-3000, x460.

COPS Training video

This video explains the Snapshot Protocol, a procedure which can be deployed in any CA county and in many states. This seminar was conducted in San Diego on Oct 12, 2014 in preparation for the November 2014 election cycle.

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