Lakeside man arrested following stick assault

He also had a knife

Lakeside resident Steve Nakho was arrested early Monday morning, April 7, after allegedly beating a man with a stick and chasing him while wielding a knife. Around 9:30 Sunday evening, sheriff's deputies received a call ...

Discover San Diego's native heritage

The Pala and Kumeyaay: a pre-Spanish history.

Few people know that San Diego County has more American Indian reservations than any other county in the nation. Native American tribes have lived in the area for over 12,000 years. Today, a majority of ...

Lost hiker rescued in Lakeside

Woman was "sliding on her backside" toward a cliff when located

San Diego sheriff's deputies from the Santee station and San Diego Fire were called in to rescue a lost hiker from the El Capitan Open Space Preserve in Lakeside early Sunday evening, March 2. According ...

Guy in the sky: Drought no joke

Local reservoirs indicate water shortages

Flying over San Diego County's various reservoirs on the morning of February 14 at about 1500' above each, it's easy to see that the water levels are not where they should be at this time ...

San Diego's top spots for picnics

“The park offers a bird’s-eye view of downtown skyscrapers, planes lifting off from the airport, Mission Bay, the ocean...”

Barona birthday fun

The Barona Band of Mission Indians, which runs a big casino, golf course, and resort in East County, usually spends at least five figures every three months on its contract lobbyist, Sacramento’s Onate Group, which ...

Costume choices in Lakeside

Halloween, the one day a year where everyone cosplays

It’s Halloween season, the time of year when much of the population dresses the way San Diego cosplayers do on a regular basis. This weekend I attended a friend of a friend’s Halloween soiree in ...

Green invaders from Mexico

Polly want a visa?

Most parrot species in the wild are threatened or endangered, yet, here in our urban jungles, parrots are flourishing.

Lakeside man pleads guilty to child molestation, firing on police

Lakeside resident Daniel Robert Witczak, who opened fire in September 2012 on two San Diego Sheriff’s deputies who were about to serve an arrest warrant on him for child molestation charges, pleaded guilty yesterday (October ...

We like the idea of public high school, but we have a few concerns.

No freaking allowed

Thousands of applicants, a little over 100 seats to fill at High Tech International school.

Weasel watch at Lindo Lake

El Monte Valley Bobcats