La Mesa

The Chapel at Grossmont in La Mesa

Pastor Hilton wasn’t meant for work in a lab the size of a closet.

To be absent from the body is to be present to the Lord.

La Mesa council rejects cell-phone ban

"Mini computer" use to continue while members sit on dais

La Mesa mayor Art Madrid's city-council colleagues rejected his April 8 request to prohibit cell-phone use by councilmembers during forums, including meetings, town halls, and closed sessions. Madrid's proposal for city attorney Glenn Sabine to ...

Fish and chips with dogs and ducks

Anthony's La Mesa Grotto proves a pleasant lunch spot.

The nicest pond-side seafood dining in La Mesa is this sister restaurant to the better-known harbor location. A comparable menu and pricing avails its customers of fresh seafood at fresh seafood prices. While it doesn't break the bank, you do pay more for atmosphere than quality of preparation. That said, "pleasant" doesn't begin to describe its patio dining.

La Mesa resident exposed to e-cigarette smoke at restaurant

Madrid retreats from total ban but still loses,

The La Mesa City Council on March 25 rejected Mayor Art Madrid's request to modify the city's smoking ordinance to ban electronic cigarettes in parks and other locations where smoking is prohibited. Madrid joined in ...

One chicken per 1000 square feet okayed in La Mesa

Art Madrid and the rooster on Maryland Avenue notwithstanding

The La Mesa City Council voted 4-1 on March 25 to amend the municipal code and allow people to keep domestic fowl such as chickens in single-family residential zones. Roosters are prohibited, and councilmembers called ...

Inn of the Sixth Happiness

Hidden hotspot for Thai hot pot

So I was just leaving this kinda cute patio where I'd been having a late brekky with my friend Ernesto (La Mesa Bistro, more on this in upcoming Tin Fork), and, well, we talked a ...

Fit to be Thai'd in La Mesa

Bamboo is Thai comfort food done right

It was my birthday a few weeks ago and my family gave me the choice where to eat. There wasn’t much thought. I picked Bamboo Thai Cuisine on University Avenue, near La Mesa Blvd. It’s ...

La Mesa Planning Commission favors 18-unit complex

Adjacent residents fret about privacy

On February 4, the disapproval of a proposed City of La Mesa condominium development was demonstrated by a local family’s door-to-door collection of signatures on a petition against the project. The family, residents of Wheaton ...

Bolt Back in Biz

Opened in 1989, Karl Strauss Brewing Company is the oldest, continually operating brewery in San Diego. But two years before Uncle Karl and his crew started serving amber lager downtown, an eclectic, low-frills yet high-energy ...

Wienermobile takes San Diego for a ride

Driving around in giant frankfurter-shaped car as cool as it sounds

When the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile stops at your house, you have to get in it. You just have to. Or at least I did, when the Wienermobile visited San Diego in mid-February. There are actually ...