Two Christmas Poems

Native Scene The beasts of Jerusalem will murder him, but in the meantime the beasts of Bethlehem warm him with their breath. — Giovanni Papini Nights are still cold on the starry hillside; Dew still ...

Wrapper's delight

Wrap your present like you care

“I wrapped one with the Sunday comics, one in an old map, one in a beautiful silk scarf...”

A Scrooge is born

“I have endeavored in this Ghostly little book, to raise the Ghost of an Idea...”

Charles Dickens wrote at top speed, in part because of gifts that didn’t seem so at the time. In his youth, he was a court stenographer. He learned the intricate Gurney system of shorthand in ...

Pickled eggs for christmas — no reason why not

(Lowercase c intended)

Dear Hipster: I almost always have a really hard time buying gifts for people. Birthdays are tough enough, but this time of year is all but impossible, seeing as how there are so many people ...

That's the Holiday Spirit!

Thankfully, mercifully, wonderfully, I rejoice that the holidays are over. This year I was called everything from a “lamer” to a “scrooge” because I don’t enjoy the time from Halloween to New Year’s Eve. Well, ...

Holiday Goose

We don’t argue politics at Kelly family gatherings; we argue menus. I want something exotic for Christmas dinner, something fancy. Ma Kelly insists on something traditional. Husband Patrick just wants something that tastes good, “and ...

Holiday Traditions

The Kelly household could use some fresh holiday traditions. I want my kids thinking globally during this holiday season. Happily, I have many friends from other countries and faiths from whom to draw ideas. "In ...

Holiday Magic

There are three stages of man: he believes in Santa Claus; he does not believe in Santa Claus; he is Santa Claus. -- Bob Phillips I heard the faint tinkling of bells and urged my ...

Holiday Punch

My family likes to get into its cups at holiday time. Some of them have deeper cups than others. A few of them stay in them all year round. For those soggy few, the holidays ...

Christmas Letters

Risk sentiment when writing a Christmas letter

Christmas letters. I don't know their history, who first wrote one, or where and why. I suspect they began to be written in the I Love Lucy Eisenhower years when all Americans, even though in ...

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