High Sierra

Big trout predicted for Eastern Sierra opener

Hundreds of San Diegans are getting ready for the Eastern Sierra trout season opener on April 25. The annual six-hour trek up Highway 395 turns out thousands of anglers from Southern California in search of ...

Thanks, mule

San Diego woman rescued in Mono County

At 2:45 p.m., on August 26, the Mono County Sheriff’s Department received a call that a 77-year-old San Diego woman became quite ill and was unable to continue with her hiking group. She reportedly had ...

Eastern Sierra's big trout in hiding

An early-season report on Sierras fishing.

At 5:08 a.m. on Saturday, April 26, the Eastern Sierra trout season was on. Hundreds of San Diegans headed up Highway 395 to hit the ice-free lakes from Big Pine to Bridgeport, in what was ...

Lone Pine, California: Hollywood's Backlot

You can't miss Lone Pine along Hwy. 395. Just look for the one-stoplight Western-style town 10,772 feet directly below the continental U.S.'s tallest mountain, Mt. Whitney, at 14,505 feet tall. With a current population of ...

Fall in June Lake, California

Even though summer’s officially over, a lot of outdoor fun can still be had in California's Eastern Sierras. Just 20 minutes north of Mammoth, on Highway 395, is the alpine town of June Lake at ...

Lee Vining: Northernmost Town in Southern California

Lee Vining is one of those little towns that dot Hwy. 395 along the Eastern Sierra. It is located about a half hour north of Mammoth, two hours south of Reno. Nearby Mono Lake, one ...

Sent to Sea Level

‘You sit there with a machine that pumps an Albuturol mist into your lungs.” I ask, “Did you have a mask on?” “No. It’s like a pipe.” Speaking is a woman I’ll call Margaret, an ...

Manzanar Historic Site

Tour of Manzanar, former Japanese internment camp located in Lone Pine, California.

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