Hillary's big fat San Diego payday

Billionaire Democrat's Qualcomm forks over $335,000 for a single speech

With the purchase of the city's daily newspaper by Chicago-based Tribune Publishing — owner of the Los Angeles Times — San Diego may be fast on its way to becoming a frequent campaign stop for ...

Pepper spray incident to cost city $643,000

Lawyer in Busby 2009 sheriff's fracas wins another big one

The matter of paying the ultimate cost of an early-morning Gaslamp Quarter brawl involving San Diego police is coming up for approval by the city council, and the price for settling a pepper-spray case again ...

The Gaslamp cop cam case that won't die

San Diego convention blowout figures in continuing New Mexico procurement scandal

A sole-source body-camera contract scandal rocking New Mexico has taken a new turn, with findings in a state audit that Albuquerque’s former police chief Raymond Schultz and his then-deputy attended a police convention bash at ...

Brains…if only the city had brains

Woman in car trapped in Zombie Walk sues for not requiring parade permit

The City of San Diego failed to protect motorists and the hundreds of wannabe zombies during last year's Zombie Walk. The city also failed to obtain the permits required for any parade or procession with ...

Pepper-spray spree costs SDPD

Jury finds against San Diego cops in Gaslamp bar-closing brawl

December 3, 2011, turned into a bad day for San Diego taxpayers as a result of a federal jury verdict against cops involved in a violent early-morning incident in downtown's Gaslamp Quarter. According to a ...

Satisfactory clank!

Total taste heaven in the shape of an artichoke, a burger, mussels

Getting escorted out of Lou & Mickey’ the redesigned patio.

Downtown baa-becue

Saltbox's lamb sliders ain't sheepish

If you can get in through the two-ton door, this place has some surprising bargains. It's Friday afternoon around fiveish. I have just resisted the temptations of the House of Blues and its $2 Happy ...

Roast Highway

Move over Hops Highway, the caffeine tour has arrived

Coffee tourism hit San Diego in January with the Caffeine Crawl, a series of coffee-shop tours inspired by the pub-crawl concept. This is the second year beverage marketing firm the LAB has organized the tour ...

Upscale harem

Ed skips the hookah and inhales a panini

“Hookahs are definitely cheaper there,” she says. “But you get less of a head-rush from them.”

Inconsistent beauty at Rama

Attractive setting and a standout dish doesn't justify Gaslamp upcharge

I love Thai food almost as much as I love Mexican, but both cuisines suffer from the same problem: It’s really good and (often) really cheap, which makes it hard to justify shelling out more ...

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