El Cajon

Damned North Park

The Damned's drummer Pinch finds solace in Spring Valley

“I know what the weather’s like back home. My wife keeps bloody complaining about it.” This, followed by a case of the giggles. It’s Pinch, the Damned’s drummer of the past 16 years, on the ...

El Cajon dentist's Chicago misfortune

Husam Aldairi's $25 million home sold for $3.1 million

On July 27, El Cajon dentist Husam Aldairi filed a suit in federal court against Gus Dahleh. According to the suit, Dahleh "has contacted [Aldairi's] wife and falsely informed her that [Aldairi] had engaged in ...

Nicolosi’s torpedos the competition

I can’t remember if the Aztecs won, but I’ll never forget that sandwich

It was almost 40 years ago that my boyfriend Ralph introduced me to a Nicolosi’s Torpedo Special Sandwich. I ate it while standing in the parking lot at San Diego Stadium before an Aztec football ...

Willie, Johnny, and Patsy Were Here

Rough and rocky travelin’ led them to Bostonia Ballroom

“Jerry Lee Lewis just beat the hell out of the piano. He used his feet on it. He broke three keys.”

That clown crank is something

Home invasion in El Cajon tied to meth bust

An attempted home-invasion robbery on Monday (June 29) resulted in the shooting of a man in El Cajon. Sheriff's deputies said that a preliminary investigation suggests the robbery was the culmination of a dispute over ...

Gloved perv popped

El Cajon police arrest suspected indecent intruder

Police in El Cajon reported the arrest of a 31-year-old transient for residential burglary and indecent exposure on Thursday afternoon (June 25). Last Sunday (June 21), officers responded to a call originating on the 500 ...

You were the longest relationship of my life

Post Title: Quote Post Date: August 25, 2012 I read a review of The Boxer and the Goal Keeper, an upcoming book on the friendship between Sartre and Camus. Apparently they were both “smitten” by ...

Low, low, low

Trio used obituaries to obtain burglary targets

Three suspects have been arrested following a five-month string of burglaries across the county where thieves targeted individuals who were attending a family member's funeral. According to a report from El Cajon police lieutenant Frank ...

So, you want to be a baseball star?

El Cajon pitcher says he was sold outrageous life insurance policy

A former Padres pitcher and San Diego native has filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles, claiming that Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance fraudulently duped him into signing up for a life-insurance policy that had a $600,000 ...

Ticket to Write taps into rock journalism’s main vein

“The big struggle to emerge in the film is print journalism versus the Video Age.”

Fire on El Cajon Mountain

On Tuesday, July 2, a fire that started at about 1:30 p.m. on El Cajon Mountain burned up steep, rugged terrain. Helicopters, including a Sikorsky skycrane equipped with a water tank, battled the blaze as ground crews work the perimeter. The cause of the fire was unknown.