Dig a Hole

Dig a hole: Joan Rivers

Ten years ago, I could have rattled off the names of the four funniest people on the planet without taking a breath. Today, Jerry Lewis has been vanquished from the Telethon that bore his name, ...

R.I.P. Andrew Kay

Kaypro II was once the fifth-best-selling personal computer.

Andrew Kay died August 28 at age 95. Kay, who was born Andrew Kopischiansky, played a key role in San Diego's up/down business history. His company, Non-Linear Systems, came out with one of the early ...

R.I.P. Daniel Jackson

Sax master leaves San Diego jazz scene many musical memories.

San Diego jazz sax master Daniel Jackson passed away this morning (September 3). Jackson was active in the jazz community since the late 1940s, famously touring Europe as a member of the Ray Charles band, ...

Dig a hole: the Merrie side of Lauren Bacall

Lauren Bacall, who died this week at the age of 89, was one of the few movie stars to be twice immortalized in Warner Bros. “Merrie Melodies” cartoons, one of which bore her name in ...

Dig a hole: Lee Marshall, voice of Tony the Tiger

The news is not so Grrrrrrrrreat! Lee Marshall, the voice of Kellogg’s cereal advertising mascot Tony the Tiger, is dead. Lee Marshall died of esophageal cancer on April 26 at a Santa Monica hospital. He ...

Dig a hole: Mickey Rooney

Death finds Andy Hardy

Sunday began with a prophetic Facebook post. Big Screen devotee Rob “Colonna” Martinez placed an article on my wall from the December 15, 1959 issue of Time magazine that dished the backstory on a drunken ...

R.I.P., Michael Hemmingson

July 12, 1966–January 9, 2014

Michael Hemmingson — screenwriter, novelist, poet, playwright, literary critic, and guitarist — died of a heart attack on January 9 in Tijuana. He was 47 years old. He covered local music, the crime beat, and ...

Dig a Hole: Tom Laughlin

Americans free to once again hate neighbors and cheat friends.

When news hit this desk that Tom Laughlin died earlier this month of complications from pneumonia, I...just...went...BERSERK! You want berserk? I was in the audience the night Laughlin four-walled the UA Cinema 150 in Oakbrook, ...

Dig a hole: Joan Fontaine

Olivia de Havilland wins!

The mention of Melanie Hamilton in GWTW or the second Mrs. de Winter in Rebecca might be enough to jog a few memories, but seeing how it's been over 20 years since either Olivia de ...

Dig a hole: Blockbuster Video

Chain shutters all remaining 300 company-owned stores

Blockbuster Video has shelved its last title. The video-rental giant opened its first outlet in Dallas, Texas in 1985. The chain reached its peak in 2004 with 60,000 employees in more than 9000 stores. By ...

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