Cover Stories

These people want to work, and nothing is beneath them

They say the smile is the hardest part.

The last couple of times Brenda Peterson had job openings in her court-reporting company, she filled the positions with members of an unlikely pool of candidates: ex-convicts, or more politely put, the formerly incarcerated. It ...

Terminal art

It makes San Diego look appealing.

I’m standing in Terminal 2 at the San Diego International Airport on a Monday morning in early July. My escort, Constance White, the airport art program manager, leads me through the new food-court atrium, past ...

Beach Blanket Banter

Teens talk about drugs, sex, and college.

At 17, she could pass for 21. Her wild brown curly hair is streaked with turquoise highlights. A cluster of freckles sprinkle the bridge of her pierced nose. Abby wears a 1920s-inspired emerald-green tropical-print bikini. ...

The curious walking reeds of the Tijuana River

Have we got a green card for you.

Art on the hoof, in the river, but not quite across the border.

Prepared for life, not for college

Highs and lows at High Tech High

Where most school websites are built for parents who need calendar information or want to check out next year’s fourth-grade teachers, High Tech High’s is a full-fledged marketing campaign. Many of the pages include statistics, ...

Crazy Train

Loco-motion: A modern-day rail heist.

Portions read as if they were plucked from a screenplay of an old western train-robbery movie: Land speculators, scams, drug smuggling, hostile takeovers, all surrounding a 100-year-old railroad track twisting and turning its way from ...

A perfect food day

Binge city

Reader eaters graze their way around town for the 2014 Feast! issue: Europe would be impressed — Ian Anderson My fantasy food day — Mary Beth Abate It'll probably involve offal — Brandon Hernandez The ...



If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good. — Dr. Seuss

The Big Dry

The grass is not always greener.

How dry is it? Dry, dry, dry, dry, dry.

There are no laws on how to make moonshine

“It’s a risky thing to drink.”

"Eventually there will be a face-off between distillers and the feds.”

Beach blanket banter

A couple of San Diego teenagers talk about their use of technology and media, body image, and money.

Reed Walk

Yoav Admoni constructed a suit of invasive reeds over a collapsible laundry hamper and wore it from the riparian creek of Arroyo Alamar (where the reeds were harvested) and into the beginnings of the Tijuana River Canal in east TJ.

Feast! 2014 cover shoot

Behind the scenes with Reader and Solare staff as they create the cover of the September 4, 2014 issue of the San Diego Reader.

Bitcoin enthusiasts discuss the cryptocurrency

Operators of a San Diego-based Bitcoin business directory service talk about what Bitcoin is and consider its future and viability as an investment.

Furries group

Several people who like to socialize while dressed in elaborate, cartoon-character costumes share their stories.

Ghosts Happen meetup event

Members of the San Diego "Ghosts Happen" group gather next to a freeway and feel that the spirit of a deceased child is near, so they try to convince it to stand on a picnic table and knock things over.

Sweetwater Dam and the 2014 drought

Scott McClelland, Director of Water Quality at Sweetwater Dam, discusses the history of the dam, the way the system works, emergency water supplies, and the overall effect of 2014 drought conditions.

Ric Halsey in the chaparral

Ric Halsey, founder of the Chaparral Institute, discusses San Diego County's chaparral and coast sage scrub environments and individual species, as well as tactics for survival in a drought climate.

San Diego's Boulder Creek, all dried-up

Footage of a dried-up Boulder Creek in San Diego County demonstrates the extent of the ongoing drought.

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