Workers, clergy pour into Clairemont Taco Bell to fight wage theft

Rev. Lee Hill: "I could see tears welling up.”

Following up on a promise last month to ramp up actions against illegal labor practices in the fast food industry, activists descended upon a Taco Bell/Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Clairemont late Thursday morning, intent ...

Success amid a surplus of tofu houses

Getting to the bottom of a bowl of stew

It's probably best to make something clear up front: I am not reviewing the popular Convoy Street restaurant Tofu House. I visited a different establishment named Convoy Tofu House. Okay, they're both on Convoy, both ...

Meet Dogma Brewing Company

Husband, wife, man’s best friend working toward Clairemont nano

The eternal debate over religion and a German shepherd. These are the factors that led aptly named Michael Brewer to name his prospective business, Dogma Brewing Company. The homebrewer of more than ten years is ...

Photographs for Valentines' Day

The Bootylicious shoot is popular.

“Curves are in, and I am going to work on making those curves look delicious.”

Holiday fur fix

Petting tour of San Diego

The awe of nature or the snuggle of a warm snout or cute paw give us a fill of joy that we're looking for around this time of the year. For those of us without ...

All Things BBQ: Lightnin' Jack's

Clairemont barbecue joint dishes up huge piles of mediocre meat for cheap, proving that there's no way to cut corners.

Lightnin’ Jack’s (4705 Clairemont Drive) has some things going for it, not the least of which is the movie deal: 10 percent off if you show a same-day movie ticket from the Regal across the ...

Would-be meat thief strikes and escapes in Clairemont

Frozen turkeys and hams ditched at the door

The Vons at 4725 Clairemont Drive was the scene of an attempted heist on Monday, November 18, at 1:20 p.m., as a man attempted to steal a shopping cart full of frozen meat. An alert ...

Early voting opens for mayoral special election in San Diego

The polls have opened in San Diego to replace ousted mayor Bob Filner. Early voting began at the Registrar of Voters office at 5201 Ruffin Road in Clairemont Mesa on 8 a.m. Monday, October 21, ...

Mods Gone Wild! Clairemont High “Riot” of ‘82

Historical account of Manual Scan bopping like popcorn at Clairemont High School, c.1982.