Suicide in Clairemont

Man jumped from 14th floor of seniors' residence

At 1:00 p.m. on April 19, I witnessed an elderly woman with short dark hair sitting on an overturned shopping cart in the Clairemont Village parking lot. She was crying and distraught and being comforted ...

Bay Park remains a mere neighborhood

Quest for signage turned up fact that it's not considered a community

On February 18, city traffic engineer Gary Pence gave Dave Potter the long-awaited news that neighborhood signs for Bay Park had been ordered. I met with Potter on March 15 at Tecolote Road and Morena ...

The Jewish Film Festival has some winners

Remember, Natasha, Projections of America, Dealing With the Devil

Normally it takes eight to ten films to find the three or four needed to pad a film festival overview, but this year’s San Diego Jewish Film Festival hit me with four winners right out ...

Tecolote Canyon is crappy

Bicycle lane the refuge of car drivers avoiding “horrible” road

"I’ve lived in San Diego since 1973 and I've never seen our roads this horrible," said Clairemont resident Linda Loveland on January 27. "I use Mount Acadia Boulevard every day to go to and from ...

He used the Force, the Force won

Star Wars fan robs bank, makes successful getaway (for now)

On January 9 at 2:00 p.m., the Wells Fargo Bank located within the Vons at 4725 Clairemont Drive at the Clairemont Square shopping center was robbed. The bank teller told police that prior to the ...

Tecolote Canyon’s history writ in stone and sediment

A pleasant walk along the southern section

Tecolote Canyon, featured on area maps for almost 200 years, is designated a natural park 6 miles in length, .25 to .5-mile wide, with a 2-mile tributary totaling just over 900 acres. Elevations range from ...

Bible in one hand, newspaper in the other

Pastor Jonathan Doolittle of Concordia Church takes some questions

Clairemont Lutheran Church Membership: 800 Pastor: Jonathan Doolittle Age: 50 Born: Columbus, OH Formation: Wittenberg University, Springfield, OH; Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, IL Years Ordained: 21 San Diego Reader: How long do you ...

Clairemont corner eyesore

Graffiti magnet at major Balboa Avenue intersection

The corner lot on Clairemont Drive and Balboa Avenue was covered in graffiti again on December 4. It wasn't the first time Stephanie Pfaff of Bay Park had seen the vacant buildings behind the chain-link ...

Let's call this one the floppy-hatted filcher

"We were a good mark: we had two kids with us who were jumping around."

On Wednesday afternoon (December 8), Jill Marr of Clairemont was getting groceries at the Smart & Final on Clairemont Mesa Boulevard with her houseguest from Atlanta, Stacy Allen. Marr said on December 9, "We were ...

Mixed reviews on new Clairemont bicycle lanes

"It's practically a suicide mission reversing out of the driveway."

On November 24, the Clairemont Community Planning Group voted to change Clairemont Drive between Balboa Avenue and Clairemont Mesa Boulevard from two lanes into one to accommodate a bicycle lane. The deputy city engineer, Brian ...

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