Chula Vista

Transparent as mud in Chula Vista

Parents say (again!) they weren't included in charter high school decision

Silver Wing Elementary parents showed up at a special board meeting on February 26 in hopes of convincing Chula Vista Elementary School District trustees not to construct a charter high school on their elementary campus. ...

Only a fence between them

High-schoolers and elementary students share same Chula Vista campus

At Silver Wing Elementary School on February 18, parents crowded into an auditorium to hear about Chula Vista Elementary School District’s plans to build a two-story high school charter on the elementary campus. Many Silver ...

Prescription-drug crackdown

They kill more people in San Diego County than car crashes

Two county law-enforcement collectives led by the sheriff's department — the Methamphetamine Strike Force and Prescription Drug Abuse Task Force – swarmed the South Bay on February 19, contacting over 4700 individuals as part of ...

The garbage man challenged

Chula Vista councilman's ties to waste services company prompts scrutiny

On January 13, the Chula Vista City Council — in the wake of an acrimonious standoff — selected Steve Miesen to fill the council seat vacated by Mary Casillas Salas when she became mayor. Although ...

Lawyers on the wrong side of the law

Money-laundering attorney on suspension and one on probation

According to yesterday's (February 2), Cal Bar Journal, well-known criminal attorney James Joseph (Jimmy) Warner has been placed on interim suspension. On July 15 of last year, Warner pleaded guilty to laundering $100,000 of a ...

Land sakes, Sweetwater, get it together

School district’s real estate dealings in disarray and doubt

On January 26, Sweetwater Union High School District’s facilities director Tom Calhoun sent an email to Marc Litchman that surprised many. Litchman holds the title to some Sweetwater property through the nonprofit corporation known as ...

Catching up with John

New councilman served summons challenging his right to the seat

The makeup of Chula Vista’s city council continues to be shaky. In November, councilmember John McCann won a seat by receiving two votes more than his contestant, former mayor Steve Padilla. But, the match is ...

Don't mess with Texas' labor pool

Sweetwater district launches search for permanent superintendent

On January 26, newly elected trustees of the Sweetwater Union High School District played to a packed house and a packed agenda, but the biggest upset did not come until after 10:00 p.m., when interim ...

Okay…we'll take Steve

New Chula Vista councilmember's past hints at future

After two rough-and-tumble meetings, on January 13 the Chula Vista City Council settled on Steve Miesen to fill the seat vacated by Mary Salas. Salas’s council seat became available when she was elected mayor in ...

Arne Duncan visit

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