Thieves, scoundrels, and the RSF breakfast bunch

Up in tony Rancho Santa Fe, the county’s preserve of genteel wealth and privilege — along with a few occasional swindlers, suicide cults, and spies — takes the public interest seriously. A campaign committee called ...

Late-night breakfast at Swami's Cafe

Two things catch my attention: First, the song coming out of this eatery — “You Don’t Own Me.” Leslie Gore. I know it ’cause Carla sings it every time she thinks I’m pushing my weight ...

Breakfast in Macon

A tale from the road.

When the plane landed in Macon, our manager had to create a little disturbance to throw us off balance. Sometimes, I think he felt it was his job. “You know, this is the largest card-carrying ...

Breakfast in Baghdad at Sagmani's Restaurant

"Yoo-hoo! Hello?” I’m back behind the gas station here, next to the tire shop…in Mr. Sagmani’s place. Yes, his eatery takes a bit of finding. But, for me, it came just in time. Was getting ...

Famous Breakfast Man

Arnold Schwarzenegger sweated here. Stern’s Gym, North Park, “California’s oldest bodybuilding gym.” So did half a dozen Mr. Universe winners. So should I, except that right now I’m searching out the North Park Post Office. ...

Healthy Egg Salad Breakfast

Recipe by Su-Mei Yu, executive chef, Saffron. I hardly ever go out to eat except when my daughter is in town and we go out to try new restaurants. I cook every single day and ...

Breakfast Beer

"End Times Christian Soldiers Mission," says the church near Oak Park School. Lord, why does everyone love this "end is nigh" stuff? I'm aboard the 955 bus, heading south toward National City. On the other ...

Breakfast with a Side of Fun

“I’ve got troubles,” I say. I’m trying to explain why I’m half an hour late. “Trolley security. Hauled me off the damned train. Lemon Grove. Must have been 20 of them swarming on board. The ...

Breakfast with Ghosts

Soon she's telling us about the fight she had trying to cuff this giant fellow she was arresting.

Breakfast with the Birds

"I have the soup every time. That's every week, for ten years!"

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