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To know A Veil is to know Chad Ackerman

"You can call it goth or dark, but I’m a musician that loves horror.”

“A Veil just released our next single, ‘Calyptra,’” reports frontman Chad Ackerman (Destroy the Runner, As I Lay Dying, Chapter 14) of the band’s first new music in around a year. “The song is about ...

Lemon Grove a sweet spot for punk

"The cops were standing there, chilling, just watching us."

The 15 or so active Lemon Grove punk bands make it hard to ignore the town’s thriving hardcore scene. “One time they had [Lemon Grove band] PSO play for the opening of a new library,” ...

Jacob Miranda, the nine-band man

And that's after his day-job, folks

It’s hard to imagine that there is a busier musician on the San Diego pop music scene than bassist Jacob Miranda. He plays in nine bands; two of them, Sister Speak and the Lyrical Groove, ...

Pile on fast food and the van problem

East Coasters roll into Soda Bar

Rick Maguire started Pile as a solo project in the late 2000s. Legend has it that the name was inspired by the metaphorical pile where Maguire’s rejected songs from his previous band were amassed. Over ...

And then the singer went crazy...

Chuck Duerr's alleged killer committed suicide

“It’s a power-pop ballad based on the true and tragic story of the murder of San Diego musician Chuck Duerr, a friend and coworker of mine,” says Scott Samuels of his single “Not Far Enough.” ...

Trumpeter Stephanie Richards keeps it bicoastal

Six-hour commute worth it, she says

“It’s kind of like living a double life,” says trumpeter Stephanie Richards, who arrived in San Diego two years ago to become an assistant professor of music at UCSD while still maintaining a Brooklyn residency. ...

Califone’s own thing

A living room be intimidating

Ever since he relocated from Chicago to Los Angeles, Califone’s Tim Rutili has found himself in San Diego often. He is close with locals Little White Teeth and estimates that he has played about six ...

Black Cat Bar to live up to its name

On with the shows: tweakers out, liquor's in

“When I came to San Diego in ’89, I played at the old Casbah with my punk band Big Tension,” says Matt Parker, who now plays guitar in the five-piece Americana band Bartenders Bible. “The ...

Cindy Lee Berryhill powers up

New LP recalls her early days with Crawdaddy journalist Paul Williams

“Some folks are easygoing, dependable ‘dogs’ and some are aloof, unavailable ‘cats,’” says singer-songwriter Cindy Lee Berryhill, relaying the conversation she had with a friend returning to the dating scene that inspired her new song ...

Leaders in the Clubhouse include the anti–San Diego stuff

Snubbed by the San Diego Music Awards — but so what?

“Our sound is like the stupid man’s Randy Newman,” says drummer Spud Davenport (Messy Necessities, Shamey Jays), one half of comedic power-pop-rockers Leaders in the Clubhouse. “Or what if Warren Zevon joined Weezer,” offers pianist ...

Pile, "Don't Touch Anything"

Sustivity, "OG Dragon Master"

Steeltoe, "FTP (Funk That Punk)"

Pavement at Canes, 1999

"I Like It Small" of Mudhoney's latest, Vanishing Point

"One True Love"

Astra Kelly live from Higher Ground

"When I Go"

...from Joel Rafael's new album, Baladista


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