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Kensington Video closes February 28, 2015

“Where’s my movie?” the voice on the phone demanded. It was Kensington Video’s Winnie Hanford calling to remind delinquent me to return a ridiculously past-due rental. “And by the way,” she added in the same ...

Kensington Video Is Closing!

Winnie Hanford, Kensington Video’s Rock of Gibraltar, just delivered a heaping dose of terrible news. After 30 years in business, the world-class video store will be closing shop in February, 2015. Apart from helping them ...

Leftover Arkinisms

Forty minutes on the phone with Alan Arkin equals a wealth of material. On The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming: “I just got a call from Carl Reiner yesterday after he watched it ...


Five days and 100 films. That’s the promise made by this year’s San Diego Film Festival. The festival runs September 24–28, with the lion’s share of the screenings to be held at Reading Cinemas Gaslamp ...

You do realize that you’re Alan Arkin?

His career sparked amid the dying embers of the studio system.

Butterfly wings had been whacking away at my stomach wall for days before the scheduled interview.

Editor’s choice: David Bowie Is, Tuesday, September 23

It’s not often my editor puts in a request to use The Big Screen as a promotional tool for a personal deity. Since Mr. Nutting is kind enough to take his golden machete to my ...

Home Movies: The Big Heat

Though I review movies for a living, I try not to recommend movies to other people too often, even movies I like. Maybe especially movies I like. Because when someone urges something on me — ...

Everything is nothing

The Zero Theorem runs in a counter-parallel universe to Terry Gilliam’s masterwork, Brazil, a film he’s dedicated a career to remaking. The setting looks the same. The church that computer genius Qohen Leth (Christoph Waltz) ...

Digitally restored The Nutty Professor September 14 and 17

Kelp, not Klump!

The Jerry Lewis original didn’t make it to DVD until almost six years after the Eddie Murphy remake hit store shelves in 1998. For years I dragged the remainder bins in search of Kelp, when ...

Interview with The Drop director Michaël Roskam

Trashcan puppies

I spoke with Mr. Roskam shortly after his latest film had screened at the Toronto Film Festival. He reported that the screening had gone very well: people applauded not only at the end of the ...

David Bowie Is

Jewel Robbery

William Dieterle’s 1932 film starring Kay Francis and William Powell.

Scott Marks responds to a critic

Scott Marks replies to a letter to the editor while getting his hair cut.

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