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I'll never know if Storks delivers

New movies opening this week: The Magnificent Seven, Author: The JT LeRoy Story, and more

Aaaand we're back! Eight, count 'em, eight piping hot reviews of new releases — but alas, Storks is not one of them. Our proprietary Reader review algorithm (affectionately dubbed the the Duncanizer), which calculates the ...

Judy Davis is a stitch as The Dressmaker's mad mom

Performance already generating Oscar buzz

Judy Davis had a bad cold, her normally husky voice pitched a few octaves lower. After a couple of postnasal one-word answers, the interview appeared destined to be the shortest on record. One mention of ...

Jeff Feuerzeig on creating a character

Author: The JT LeRoy Story writer-director discusses truth and fiction

Matthew Lickona: When the scandal breaks about author Laura Albert having created the author JT LeRoy, you give us several phone messages from Laura’s answering machine, urging her to get a huge book deal right ...

Benefit screening helps retired racehorses

Harry & Snowman plays La Paloma Theatre on October 9

It’s funny the way fate has a habit of yanking the reins when it’s least expected. An Amish plow horse named Snowman was but a few laps away from the glue factory until Dutch immigrant ...

Chula Vista attorney goes after movie pirates

John, Jane, or It Doe sued by film producer of Cell

This summer, a movie titled Cell came out. It is based on a 2006 novel by Stephen King. Plot: cell-phone users are immediately and maddeningly re-programmed into rabid killers. Sounds grim. (Critics weren't enthusiastic.) On ...

Hollywood bets there’s gold in them thar woods! (Also, the womb.)

New movies opening this week: Blair Witch, White Girl, Snowden, and more

Apple founder Steve Jobs once said, “People don’t know what they want until you give it to them.” Maybe he’s right. I never dreamed people would want threequels to The Blair Witch Project and Bridget ...

Local actor scores first-class accommodations on Eastwood’s Sully

Shane P. Allen shares what he learned from working with the master

A call came in from Shane P. Allen, a 53-year-old Tierrasanta resident and realtor by day, eager to talk about his performance in Clint Eastwood’s Sully. Here’s how the happily married father of three (“my ...

Elizabeth Wood on sexuality in films

White Girl writer/director tells her first story

First-time writer/director Elizabeth Wood’s White Girl sets out to be a Great Gatsby for the 21st Century — and perhaps in the process, to depict the orgastic future that Fitzgerald mentioned at the story’s end. ...

Adam Nimoy on being the son of a famous Vulcan

For the Love of Spock director takes questions

Adam Nimoy is the son of Leonard Nimoy, a man who became so thoroughly associated with the character he played on Star Trek that he wrote a book titled I Am Not Spock, and then ...

Hitler goes Hollywood: Top 10 movie Führers

Let’s start the week with a smile and a “heil!” with this video assemblage of Tinseltown’s Ten Best Fascist Dictators. Here they are arranged in order of rank. 10) Considering the variety of top-shelf candidates ...

Scott Marks on KPBS

Marks discusses one of his favorite films, Lemon Drop Kid, which contains the classic Christmas song, "Silver Bells."

Sing Street trailer

Mr. Pig trailer

Thelma & Marty

13-minute clip Of Martin Scorsese & Thelma Schoonmaker In The Editing Room.

100 Years At The Movies

Originally shown at the Academy Awards in 1994 on the 100th Birthday of Film.

Equilibrium trailer

Fake baby!

Black Sea trailer

Local anchor’s big-screen cameo role

KUSI anchor Lisa Remillard's big screen nod in Nightcrawler, all 17 seconds of it.

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