Big Screen

You’re invited to a farewell party for Kensington Video on March 19

I guess the Hanfords weren’t kidding. All of our combined prayers to the gods of pressed polycarbonate plastic went unanswered. As first reported in these pages, Kensington Video — the best damn DVD store in ...

Interview with She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry subject Alice Wolfson

The historical documentary She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry stitches together — to borrow an image from one of its subjects — a magic quilt of the various groups, motivated by various concerns, that more or ...

Missing from the Minkow movie

He was never redeemed

The unfinished movie about Barry Minkow characterizes him as an ex-crook turned angel. The script must be completely rewritten.

Less Anna and Hans, more Anna and Elsa

Spurned on V-day

Mr. Hipster: My girlfriend spent a significant portion of Valentine’s Day with one of her friends. She said it was important to show some solidarity for a single girlfriend, and that it should be more ...

Why Do You Have Black Dolls? at the Martin Luther King Center February 26

Join me at the Martin Luther King Center on the campus of Bayview Baptist Church Thursday, February 26, at 6 pm when I’ll be hosting a screening of the award-winning documentary Why Do You Have ...

Oscar recap

And the loser is...Boyhood, the odds on favorite to waltz off with the Best Picture and Best Director statues at Sunday night’s Oscar giveaway. Patricia Arquette, clearly cashing in on an endorsement deal with Supercuts, ...

Oscars 2015: Who’s gonna win?

Losing the ability to live-blog his angst during last year’s Academy Awards ceremony made it hell on this reporter. Forced to sit and watch the damn thing in real time — the horror. Matthew Lickona ...

Pulling for Wes

Perhaps it is no surprise that hipsters are on Team Quirk.

Hey Hipster: Give us some hipster-approved Oscar picks! — Devon Hipsters the world over will be pulling for Wes Anderson to win Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Original Screenplay for The Grand Budapest Hotel. ...

Maids of the rich and famous cast Oscar ballots?

Critic claims domestics watch Academy screeners “and deliver their opinions.”

“Hazel,” barked Mr. B. “Drop Harold off at school, meddle in the affairs of this week’s guest star, and fill out my Oscar ballot!” It’s a case of “You don’t do windows; I don’t do ...

No fake babies were harmed during the making of this movie!

So much has been written about Clint Eastwood’s use of a fake baby in American Sniper that it’s about time someone stood up for this physically abused, emotionally ravaged, and sadly misrepresented group of show ...

Scott Marks on KPBS

Marks discusses one of his favorite films, Lemon Drop Kid, which contains the classic Christmas song, "Silver Bells."

Equilibrium trailer

Fake baby!

Black Sea trailer

Local anchor’s big-screen cameo role

KUSI anchor Lisa Remillard's big screen nod in Nightcrawler, all 17 seconds of it.

David Bowie Is

Jewel Robbery

William Dieterle’s 1932 film starring Kay Francis and William Powell.

Scott Marks responds to a critic

Scott Marks replies to a letter to the editor while getting his hair cut.

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