Big Screen

My first brush with celebrity: Flipper...sort of

“I took you to see Filpper yesterday, didn’t I?” That was Larry’s subtle way of saying there wasn’t a chance in hell we were going to spend Independence Day “meeting” Jerry Lewis in person. Chicago ...

Foxcatcher does fruitful work in the land of sport

For much of its running time, Bennett Miller’s Foxcatcher was among my favorite films this year. Like Miller’s last movie, Moneyball, it does fruitful work in the field of sport, where lofty notions of excellence ...

MoPA welcomes Arab Film Festival for third year

It’s our town’s other SDAFF. This year’s Third Annual San Diego Arab Film Festival promises three nights featuring seven films from seven countries. The festival runs November 20–22 at the Museum of Photographic Arts in ...

Talking movies with Pepe Serna and Dave Boyle

For too long I’ve been giving Lee Ann Kim and the gang at the San Diego Asian Film Festival grief for not bringing enough name talent to their annual event. Every year finds me on ...

Groucho goes La Jolla

While continuing my never-ending search for all things Marx, I stumbled across this photo of Grouch and Greg Peck that appeared in the October 1950 edition of Screen. According to the La Jolla Playhouse website’s ...

Interview with Awake: The Life of Yogananda co-directors Paola DiFlorio and Lisa Leeman

Awake: The Life of Yogananda tells the story of the Indian Swami who introduced mainstream America to yoga and meditation in the 1920s. Paramahansa Yogananda is probably best known as the author of The Autobiography ...

SDAFF 2014: A few pics

The Pacific Arts Movements’ 15th Annual San Diego Film Festival kicks into full gear this week with ten days (November 6–15) of seemingly nonstop movies. Artistic director Brian Hu and his team have once again ...

KUSI anchor Lisa Remillard covers the Nightcrawler

KUSI anchor Lisa Remillard didn’t know she made the final cut until I tweeted the info her way. “I thought for sure they would cut my scene,” Remillard laughs. “Even though they were so nice, ...

Interview with Nightcrawler cinematographer Robert Elswit

You’re probably going to need a shave by the time you finish reading this lengthy interview with cinematographer Robert Elswit, so let’s keep the intro brief. Paris Trout, Boogie Nights, Heist, Good Night, and Good ...

Interview with Citizenfour director Laura Poitras

Citizenfour is a real-life international espionage thriller centered around the eight days that filmmaker Laura Poitras, journalists Glenn Greenwald and Ewen MacAskill, and NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden spent in a Hong Kong hotel room while ...

Local anchor’s big-screen cameo role

KUSI anchor Lisa Remillard's big screen nod in Nightcrawler, all 17 seconds of it.

David Bowie Is

Jewel Robbery

William Dieterle’s 1932 film starring Kay Francis and William Powell.

Scott Marks responds to a critic

Scott Marks replies to a letter to the editor while getting his hair cut.

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