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Hipster Halloween costume rundown

Good reasons to avoid costumes that are in poor taste

Dear Hipster: Any good ideas for Halloween costumes? — Micaela My fave, the pop-culturally appropriate Hipster Halloween Costume Rundown. This year, the easy choice is scary clowns. I’m not sure if the whole “clown attack” ...

Yum: grape ice cream and liquid meats

The demand for counterintuitive foods

Dear Hipster: Why is there no grape ice cream? #lifeslittlemysteries. — Cici A surprising glut of insane theories surrounds the nonexistence of grape ice cream. Believe none of them. Corporate America (responsible for all but ...

Overlooked retro concepts

Will Bartles & Jaymes Fuzzy Navel wine coolers make a comeback?

Dear Hipster: I get why hipsters love to recreate awkward family photos from the 1980s and why they love ugly Christmas sweater parties. I dig it when they play records at home. In fact, I ...

It’s a dubious privilege to be a hipster

Still very much a class apart from the mainstream

Dear Hipster: As one of my friends recently noted on Facebook, “Part of being a Hipster is pretending you aren’t a Hipster, and in fact insisting you don’t like Hipsters. But, what science is still ...

How long can a culture built on insincerity last?

Instead of going forward 200 years, go back 200 years

Dear DJ, I’m an admirer of many aspects of Hipster Culture — craft, style, literacy, simplicity, girls in pleasant dresses, for instance. But I worry that it’s a culture doomed to failure, because it’s built ...

Oh...braying neighbors

Don't let assholes ruin your life

Dear Hipster: Ugh. My neighbors on Nextdoor are such pricks sometimes. I’m obviously not going to say where I live, but it suffices to say that any issue related to parking or pets (among other ...

Let the $13 Fiery Jackal happen

#lifeslittlemysteries — solved!

Dear Hipster: I have one of #lifeslittlemysteries for you. Why is it that whenever I don’t need a drink at the bar, the hipster bartender comes over to check on me with that little, “You ...

Intervene on a psycho’s feud with womankind?

See something, say something?

Dear Hipster: I’m 45 and I just went back to school! Well, graduate school, anyways. That counts, right? Personally, I’m thrilled by a return to academic life at this late juncture; but I must say, ...

Hipsters are thrifty with their tips

Your guy isn’t crazy for not tipping — he's saving his cash for another night out

Dear Hipster: I met a seemingly nice guy. We have gone out twice. At first, I thought he had great prospects, because he is polite, funny, and not too hard on the eyes. Now, I’m ...

Cagier than scammers, more savvy than spammers

Somebody will do it out of sheer curiosity.

Dear Hipster:I have one of #lifeslittlemysteries for you. HOW IS SPAM STILL A THING? I know of literally NOBODY who has ever bought sexytime drugs from an email, yet somebody is always keeping my spam ...

The Jam - Carnaby Street

Thelonious Monk - 'Round Midnight

"You Never Even Called Me By My Name"

1975 live performance by David Allen Coe


The full album, by My Bloody Valentine

How to chop wood

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