Ask a Hipster

Nobody heard of Blake’s burden before this

Dear Hipster: Is there anything about a person’s name that would preclude him or her from hipster status? Say, you wanted to be a professional wrestler, and you tried to bill yourself as King Tutu, ...

Temple of Wes

Prada's precious new watering hole makes Milan the hip destination.

Dear Hipster: What would be the ultimate hipster vacation destination for this summer? — Deb, Golden Hill Well, until recently that might have stumped me enough to cop something lamely ironic, and overzealously punctuated, like, ...

Breaking: Local ingrate forgets Mother's Day, Reader saves day twice

"Just make it up with brunch," declares hipster authority

Dear Hipster: So, I was reading the Mother’s Day issue of the Reader, which I didn’t get a chance to look over until Monday, and it hit me that I forgot to send my mom ...

Blame the frat brothers for dad-body popularity

Hipsters are not complicit in the latest unironic, body-related indignity

Dear Hipster: I want to blame hipsters for making us aware of the “dad body,” aka “the stupidest trend of the year so far,” but, before I do, I thought I would consult you. This ...

Have a holly-jolly summertime

Bad taste doesn't have to be ironic.

Dear Hipster: I like to play my Christmas-themed Pandora station every six weeks or so, even if it isn’t Christmastime. I think it’s funny to listen to Burl Ives in July. My friends don’t agree. ...

Hip-ocrisy or versatility?

The crush of modern life demands certain compromises, like Slurpees.

Hello Mr. Hipster: I am not very big on hipster culture, but I do know that hipsters tend to act very anti-corporation. I live in South Park, and the whole area is fighting Target from ...

Battery salesmen HATE Kyle

Try this one super-hip trick to avoid buying batteries unnecessarily

Dear Hipster: If you drop a dead alkaline battery on a hard surface, it will bounce. If you drop a good battery, it won’t. Did you know that? It’s an easy way to test whether ...

Jamaican, prove thyself

Despite lack of interest, the scene demands tribute

Dear Hipster: I have recently moved to San Diego and have immediately noticed a general affinity for reggae music. It seems that everywhere I go, hipsters are wearing the T-shirts, the beads, playing the music ...

What beard? I never had a beard

Don't fear the razor

The decline of the handlebar ’stache began on July 17, 2011

Instead of dying, they just go to Live Wire

Over it before you were into it

Look past the uniform and into the youthful soul of the ones who won't let go.


The full album, by My Bloody Valentine

How to chop wood

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