Ziva Gottesman and Dan Galant

Ziva Gottesman: Vocals | Dan Galant: Vocals

Genre: Rock

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Ziva Gottesman & Dan Galant - Famous Former Neighbors



Vegetarian rockers Ziva Gottesman and Dan Galant are a rock duo known around the Reader offices for their song based on the comic strip “Famous Former Neighbors.”

In 2013, the duo won passes to a jazz cruise. “We got to meet and hang with Oleta Adams, Boney James, Candy Dulfer, David Sanborn, Marcus Miller, Jonathan Butler, Earl Klugh and a ton more,” says Gottesman, who also enrolled them both in an on-board talent contest to be judged by sax players Boney James and Candy Dulfer.

“Candy and Boney loved Dan's song [Ziva's Theme]. Everyone on the ship including famous musicians, regular musicians, Byrd the bailiff on Judge Judy, and regular passengers came up to us the rest of the cruise saying 'You're the piano guy and you're Ziva the one the song was written for'...people told Dan to quit his day job as psychologist because he's a musician.”

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