Wild Wild Wets

Marco Piro: Drums | Michael Turi: Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals | Taejon Romanik: Bass guitar, Guitar (acoustic), Guitar (electric), Vocals

Genre: Rock

Sound description: Sounds like Elvis on acid, slapping Brian Wilson in the face.

RIYL: Trap Gold, the Old In Out, Vinyl Film, Dark Thirty, Jeans Wilder, B-52s, Jefferson Airplane

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Inception: San Diego, 2011

Ex-Band Members: Priscilla Castro, Keyboards, Vocals Ryan Vincent Bohan, Bass guitar, Guitar (acoustic), Guitar (electric) Lex Pratt, Keyboards, Vocals

Influences: The B-52s, the Penetrators, Jefferson Airplane, Iggy Pop, the Rolling Stones, the Yardbirds, the Seeds, the Old In Out, Vinyl Film


Wild Wild Wets was founded in 2011 by three former members of the Old In Out, who had recently split; Mike Turi (Trap Gold), Marco Salvatore Piro (Vinyl Film), and Ryan White (aka Ryan Vincent Bohan). They were joined by singer/keyboardist Priscilla Castro and bassist Taejon Romanik (Dark Thirty, Jeans Wilder). Piro and White/Bohan were only with the Old In Out during its final few months.

“We’re a party psychedelic rock band,” says Piro. “We’re trying to make it an experience. Anyone can start a band and have five people on stage playing their hearts out, but we wanted to add something more for the concertgoer.”

Turi cites the Penetrators (New York’s, not San Diego’s) as a top influence. He and Bohan also have a side band called Trap Gold, founded in 2010 along with Kelly Sullivan and synth-bassist Chase Elliott (the Kabbs). Former Old In Out guitarist Rory Truesdale launched a solo project called Sleeping Ghost/Electric Crush.

In concert, the group is often accompanied by projection artist, John Kelley. “It’s Mikey’s vision,” Piro says of the band. “It’s his world that he’s created. He’s very Andy Warhol-esqe, but not all weird in the bad way. He’s a very creative person, a doer, an artist, and one of the best painters I’ve ever met. He’s a multifaceted individual. So he’s like the good parts of Warhol, but not a pervert or any of that shit.”

In early 2013, the band released their debut Criminal Blue EP via Grizzly Records, who also produced a limited run of 300 blue 7-inch vinyl versions. Turi and Piro also have a project called Emerald Rats, whose debut Everyday Obstacle EP was released around the same time. Piro and Romanik are the rhythm section for Jeans Wilder as well.

After the band's apparent split, keyboardist/singer Lex Pratt joined Soft Lions, founded by Megan Liscomb (Boy King).

The group resurfaced as a trio in late 2014, with Mike Turi (vocals/keys), Taejon Romanik (guitar), and Marco Piro (drums), with a new release called 14th Floor (Grizzly Records/Rubber Brothers Records).



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