Mr. Milky: MC, Vocals

Genre: Hip-Hop & Rap

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Influences: KRS One, Tribe Called Quest, Ron Isley, Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls


Mr. Milky does not consider himself a rapper, but rather an entertainer. Born in Queens NYC, but primarily raised in Southeast San Diego, he self-released his debut full-length He Don’t Care in 2007. Milky went on to work with the Heaterville crew (Granzlam, Young Sau, the Dean, Dave Moss, Double R), producers Prophit and So Real, and Bo Roc (from the Dove Shack).

He self-released his full-length the Buttaling King Album in 2011, following up with the Gordon Gartrell Mixtape in 2013. A single was released in early 2014, “N:OW.”


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