Jerry Raney & the Shames

Jerry Raney: Guitar (acoustic), Guitar (electric), Vocals | Jack Pinney: Drums, Keyboards | Gregg Willis: Bass guitar, Drums

Genre: Rock

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The power trio known as Jerry Raney & the Shames came to life during the late 1970s, rising from the remains of one of San Diego’s best-known and longest running indie rock bands, Glory. Jack Pinney, Gregg Willis, and Jerry Raney would become regulars at local clubs like the Bacchanal, My Rich Uncle’s, and the Spirit (later to become Brick by Brick).

Raney had come from the bands Thee Dark Ages and Blues Messenger, while Gregg Willis and Jack Pinney had played with the Palace Pages, later known as Iron Butterfly. Raney had previously played with Pinney in the Roosters.

Raney later played with the Beat Farmers (and its latterday incarnation as the Farmers), among many other groups. Gregg Willis joined Carlos Blues Experience.

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